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Netflix Releases "2020 Year In Review" Video

Netflix Releases "2020 Year In Review" Video
YouTube | Netflix "Netflix 2020 Year In Review"

With many spending more time at home this year, Netflix summed up the year's statistics in a new video:

Netflix just released a two minute video covering the most viewed shows and movies this year on the streaming platform. With many having spent more time at home due to lockdowns, viewership was a bit higher. The video also summed up the year's statistics.

Netflix 2020 Year In Review

The Start of 2020

At the beginning of the year, the most viewed shows were Cheer and Tiger King. This was pre-lockdown, if you can remember such a time.

A Rise In Action

This year Netflix saw a rise of 40% in the action genre once the lockdown hit. New movies like Extraction and Enola Holmes were highly viewed.

Fantasy Viewing

Also rising in popularity was the fantasy genre, which saw a 60% increase in views. The new Netflix movie, The Old Guard, a combination of action and fantasy, was also released this year.


Anime movies and television were up by 100% in views over the year. A new adventure anime was launched by Netflix this year, called The Blood of Zeus.

'Love Is Blind'

Another show that became popular on Netflix this year was Love Is Blind. The reality dating show had a successful first season, spending 47 days in Netflix's top 10. A second season is in the works.

Black Lives Matter

Following the increased efforts to the Black Lives Matter movement this year, Netflix saw a 268% lift in viewership to the movie American Son, a 461% lift in viewership to Time: The Kalief Browder Story , a 1286% lift in viewership to LA 92, and a 5966% lift in viewership to 13th.

'Outer Banks'

Just before summer was in full swing, the new Netflix mystery series Outer Banks was released and became a hit, staying on the top ten for 41 days.

'The Queen's Gambit'

A new miniseries about a competitive chess player starring Anya Taylor-Joy, The Queen's Gambit was released in October of this year and interestingly enough, it saw a 215% increase in chess set sales!

'Emily in Paris'

Also released in October was the new comedy-drama series Emily in Paris starring Lily Collins. The show was influential enough to cause a 300% increase in searches for Kangol bucket hats and a 100% increase in searches for red berets.

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