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The Cast of 'And Just Like That' Respond to Meghan McCain's Criticism

The Cast of 'And Just Like That' Respond to Meghan McCain's Criticism

TV personality Meghan McCain recently criticized the "wokeness" of And Just Like That... , claiming that "Sex and The City died of wokeness" on her Twitter, with a link to her column in Daily Mail. The cast had a few things to say in response.

McCain's column described the show as a

"clumsy attempt to reformat … into the woke and puritanical times we are living in."

She also said this about Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw:

"Carrie now plays the part of the 'cisgender woman' on a podcast with younger co-hosts. One of them is -- of course -- queer and nonbinary. Because it's so boring and un-evolved to be a straight white woman."

Cast members Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda Hobbes, and Nicole Ari Parker, who plays Lisa Todd Wexley in the show, both had responses to McCain. The stars expressed extreme disagreement with McCain's statements while on Andy Cohens radio show this week.

Nixon said on the show:

"I disagree. The show became so beloved- reruns for all those years, I feel like people have watched it, and they know it so well, inside and out."

She went on to describe how the show had always pushed boundaries in some eyes but it was a realist show depicting real life things people tended to ignore or disagree with.

"I remember so well, the initial chatter about [SATC], at least the first couple seasons, saying like, 'These are not really women. Women don't really have sex like this. Women don't really talk like this. These are gay men in drag."

Nixon added:

"This is a show that has always pushed every kind of boundary. I think that that's what's so magnificent about the new show- about how many different directions we're going with that, and pushing boundaries and shaking people up. And most importantly, shaking the characters up."

Parker chimed in, saying:

"Comments like that say more about the person saying them... Maybe it is too much for you. For these characters in New York City, it's not."

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