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New on Netflix For August 2021

New on Netflix For August 2021

There are a bunch of new movies, series, and documentaries coming to Netflix this month. Check out all of the release dates and what new content fills your streaming needs.

Hunter X Hunter | Seasons 5-6

Hunter X Hunter is an extremely popular anime series that has seasons 5-6 now on Netflix since August 1st. As an anime fan myself, I can tell you that Netflix having these seasons is big news for fans and gives some insight into Netflix's interest in anime. Check out the later seasons of one of the all-time great anime's today.

30 Rock | Full Series

Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan star in this legendary satirical sitcom that aired from 2006-2013. The full series was released on Netflix on August 1st and if you haven't seen the show, it truly is fantastic. Tina Fey created the series based off of her experiences on SNL and it is quite hilarious knowing that a lot of the ridiculousness is based in reality.

Friday Night Lights | Full Series

Friday Night Lights is one of the first and best high school football dramas to ever make it on television. The critically acclaimed show received multiple Emmy wins and nominations, a Peabody award, and is now on Netflix. The show is based off of a 1990's non-fiction book and a 2004 movie that maintain the same name. If you enjoy sports dramas or high school shows, be sure to watch one of the best ever made.

Poms | Official Trailer

Diane Keaton and Jacki Weaver star in this comedy about a woman starting a cheerleading squad in a retirement community. This family film is fun for all as the cast features characters of all ages and has a leading cast of women. The feel-good movie already made it to Netflix so check it out now!

Pray Away | Official Trailer | Netflix

This new Netflix documentary focuses on the lives of 5 men struggling with homosexuality in the Evangelical church. This documentary is very dark however as it delves into these mens' roles in the ex-gay movement through their creation of the largest conversion therapy organization in the world. The film debuts tomorrow, August 3rd.

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified | Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix seems to be riding the popularity surrounding UFO's after the US government released a lot of hidden documents about the topic this year. This documentary investigates the information that has and has not been released by the government and the projects designed to cover-up any sort of serious inquiry about extraterrestrial life on Earth. Check it out this Tuesday, August 3rd.

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings Of Miami | Official Trailer | Netflix

This documentary series premieres on August 4th and tells the stories of high school friends that became some of the biggest drug dealers in US history. These young men were treated as celebrities in Miami and led the police on a chase that lasted almost two decades. Cocaine Cowboys comes out on August 4th.

Cooking With Paris | Official Trailer | Netflix

Paris Hilton returns on August 4th with a cooking show! The cultural icon is featuring a ton of famous guest stars as she struggles with cooking on this brand new show. If you are an actual cook, you might want to look away, but if you enjoy reality TV this may be one of your new favorites!

Hit & Run | Official Trailer | Netflix

This new film is reminiscent of the Liam NeesonTakenmovies as a man's wife is killed in a mysterious hit and run, leaving a grief-stricken husband with the job of tracking down the killers. The Netflix film starts streaming on August 6th.

Vivo | Official Trailer | Netflix

Lin-Manuel Miranda voices the title character in this animated musical set to release on August 6th. The Broadway phenomenon is venturing into animation while only acting in this new film and we are so excited to see Lin's voice on full display. Take a loom at this culturally-aware animated movie and have your nieces, nephews, cousins, and kids all check it out!

Shaman King | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

This new anime series has fans excited as it is premiering on August 9th. Netflix is always on top of the movie and television series trends and anime seems to be the next big category that the streaming service is diving headfirst into.

GABBY'S DOLLHOUSE | Season 2 Trailer | Netflix

The kids show is returning on Netflix this August 10th! This series is fantastic and you may want to see it if you have any young children in your life. The show will keep them entertained for hours and has some good lessons mixed in just like any proper children's show!

UNTOLD Vol. 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

This sports docuseries has new episodes airing every week starting this August 10th. The series takes a look at public and private stories inside of the world's biggest sports and the insane truths behind them.

Phil Wang: Philly Philly Wang Wang | Official Clip | Netflix

Stand-up comedy is finally back after the pandemic and we are very excited to see Phil Wang finally making it to the streaming service. The new special releases on August 10th and if you're a stand-up fan, it's a must-see.

Bake Squad Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Four bakers battle it out on this competitionbaking show set to premiere on August 11th. If you are a fan of cooking, baking, or any competition show, this Netflix show may be your next favorite series in the genre.

The Kissing Booth 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Kissing Boothis back with its third installment releasing on August 11th. The hit movies have been extremely popular and many are very excited for the third and final movie in the trilogy.

AlRawabi School for Girls | Official Trailer | Netflix

This Arabic show is sure to make waves as the outcasts at an all-girls school take on their bullies. The show premieres August 12th and will be an exciting move for Netflix as they feature another show that does not feature English in the dialogue.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild | Official Trailer | Netflix

This animated film releases on August 12th and is based on a video game series. This is an interesting move for Netflix as the target audience includes kids and adults which has many very excited.

Beckett | Official Trailer | Netflix

A US citizen finds himself running for his life in a dangerous political conspiracy after his vacation to Greece. This interesting film features John David Washington and is sure to be a great new thriller on August 13th.

Gone For Good | Official Trailer | Netflix

This film is based on the best-selling book that has the same name. It premieres on August 13th and is another one of Netflix's growing catalogue on foreign films/series.

Sweet Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

Jason Momoa stars in this revenge story set to release on August 20th. It will be exciting to see Jason Momoa back in a major movie as he takes on the action hero role in this upcoming thriller.

The Loud House Movie Official Trailer 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 | Netflix Futures

This kids show has a new movie coming out on August 20th so get your kids hooked on the series before it releases!

The Chair | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sandra Oh plays the lead role in this show about a professor heading the English department at a prestigious university. This show is an interesting look at college life, representation, equity, and the hardships that come as one of the only women and people of color in a leadership position at a college.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf | Official Teaser | Netflix

This anime-adjacent show comes out on August 23rd and has fans very excited.

Oggy Oggy

This children's show is another that you should check out if you need a new series for the young ones in your life. It comes out on August 24th and is worth a watch for any younger child.

Clickbait | Official Teaser | Netflix

Adrien Grenier is back on August 25th in this mysterious new film about a man who leads multiple different lives.

Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal, and Greed 

This documentary comes out on August 25th and will shock some with the true story behind the legendary painter and personality that is Bob Ross.

Motel Makeover Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

This series premieres on August 25th and looks like it will be similar to an HGTV show as some friends and business partners redesign motels.

EDENS ZERO | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

Another Netflix anime is coming on August 26th and may lead to a popular new series that features a female protagonist.

I ❤️ Arlo NEW Series Trailer | Netflix Futures

This kids show comes out August 27th and will definitely be a fun new series with memorable characters for your little ones.

HE'S ALL THAT (2021) Addison Rae, Netflix Movie

Addison Rae has made it to the big screen with this new film set to release August 27th. This movie has fans divided over the Tik Tok star's credentials but we are very excited to see Addison's acting chops this summer!

Fans to get inside look at Valdosta High School in Netflix series 'Titletown High'

The famous high school football program is getting its own series on Netflix starting August 27th. The reality show will be a sports drama and people are excited to see the real football drama after years of shows trying to recreate this.

Sparking Joy | Season 2

The tidying-up queen is back in this show where she helps people reclaim their spaces and lives starting on August 31st.

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