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Tyler Perry Speaks Out About Racial Injustice

Tyler Perry Speaks Out About Racial Injustice

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry spoke to People Magazine in a video essay on the racial injustice occurring in our country.

In the midst of Black Lives Matter movement, People Magazine asked Tyler Perry to write an essay about his hope and vision for the future of America.

Perry spoke deeply and from the heart regarding the tragic events that have recently occurred throughout the United States. When talking about the death of George Floyd, Perry says:

"The level of racism and brutality that George Floyd faced is something that we as black people know all too well. When I saw that video, I had so many raw, guttural emotions. I felt for him and his family, I felt for all of us as black people, I felt for my five-year-old son. As I watched with tears in my eyes, it brought back a flood of years of emotions from carrying what feels like the weight of racism on my neck."

Perry's recorded version of the essay lasts 8 minutes and 46 seconds, which is the exact amount of time that police officer Derek Chauvin used his knee on Floyd's neck. Perry knew that even though this essay would be one of the most difficult things he would have to write in his life, it was something he had to do. He shared:

"I dried my eyes and put pen to paper for not only myself, not only for hope, but for morning to come for the millions of us who just want to be treated fairly, for those of us who want justice for all, and for my five-year-old son."

He also mentions that he is aware he is going to have to hold tough conversations with his 5-year-old son, Aman. This was also a big reason as to why he chose to talk about the issues at hand. Perry said:

"I know that as his father, a black man in America, it is my duty to prepare him for the harsh reality that awaits him outside of the watchful eyes of his loving parents," he writes. "It will be a hard, heartbreaking conversation but one that I must have and will have soon."

A very crucial and important moment in this video is when Perry explains exactly what he feels he has to tell Aman due to the world we live and why this fight is crucial for justice. Perry shares:

"I will explain to Aman that because we are only 12 to 14 percent of the population, this fight will continue to be a long and arduous one, but I will tell him with pride to never give up. I will tell him that progress is made in small steps and even if you get exhausted to fight on, because there are always signs of daybreak before the morning comes.

Check out Perry's emotional and very important video essay below. At a time as important as this one, Perry is making history with his words.

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