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Howard Stern Gives His Two Cents On 'The Bachelorette'

Clare Crawley

The radio personality did not hold back on his thoughts on Clare's season so far.

During Tuesday's taping of The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM, the radio personality was not afraid to share his honest opinion about Clare Crawley's season so far.

Howard Stern and Robin Quivers discussed Crawley's decision to send Bachelorette contestant Brandon Goss home after confessing that he did not know anything personally about her prior to coming to the show.

After stating that his attraction toward her was the initial reason for him to join the show, Crawley responded:

"There's a lot of guys here that say they like my drive, they like what I have to offer, they like that I stood up for myself. I mean anything other than my looks."

Howard Stern had many opinions to share about Crawley's response and the high expectations she has for the men right off the bat.

Howard Stern shared his interpretion their conversation.

"This poor guy. He hasn't had any time alone with her to talk to her. He finally sits down. So he says to her, I got to tell you, when I saw that you were 'The Bachelorette' made me want to come here and pursue you. And she goes, 'Ooh, is that right? That's so wonderful. What did you like about me?' So he says, 'well, I saw you and I thought you were quite attractive. So I decided to, to apply to, to come on the show and,' and wait a second. She goes, 'I got to tell you, most guys say they admire my courage or they admire my fortitude.' She goes, 'you're superficial,' boom, you're outta here. And I'm saying to myself, 'he's the only guy who's telling the truth.'"

He compared the honesty of Brandon with many other contestants who pretend that they have such intense feelings for Clare without even knowing her.

Stern also poked fun at another contestant, Chasen, who tends to overuse a certain word (and I think you might be able to guess what it is).

"There was one guy on here. This guy Chasen. Every other word he says is 'Like'... You couldn't even keep up with those likes."

Robin Quivers laughed at Chris Harrison for his lack of response when conflict arises on the show.

"Chris Harrison never gives these people any decent advice. He just watches them make a mess."

The most recent episode of The Bachelorette left many fans on their toes as the rumors pointing toward Tayshia Adams filling Clare's role appear to be true.

Tune in next Thursday to watch the drama unfold at 8/7c on ABC.

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