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(Spoilers) 'The Bachelorette' Episode 6 Recap

(Spoilers) 'The Bachelorette' Episode 6 Recap | Celebrity Page

Episode 6 of #TheBachelorette had the men going head-to-head to make the best breakfast!

The Bachelorette episode six proved who were still boys and who have become men! The guys took up several challenges to prove who had the most manly skills.

"Grown Man Challenge"

Bachelorette Tayshia Adams watched the men partake in a three-part competition, consisting of a math and spelling challenge, a physical challenge, and a breakfast in bed challenge. Harvard graduate Bennett Jordan struggled with the math and spelling section, failing to spell "limousine" but redeemed himself after making beignets in the breakfast in bed challenge. The "Grown Ass Man" award went to Bennett while Ed Waisbrot was named "Man Child" an had to carry around a baby doll for the remainder of the episode.

Some Attraction To Ben

In the episode, Tayshia admits that she is attracted to Ben, but wants to keep in mind that he does have some baggage. She tells viewers that "there's something about that boy!"

Questioning Chasen

Both Ben and Ed wonder if Chasen Nick's intentions with Tayshia are true. During the afterparty, Ben talks about how he is just using the show for his own career and comes off as disingenuous, saying some of the same things he said when describing previous bachelorette, Clare. For example, Chasen calls Tayshia a "smokeshow"...several times.

Noah Is Reaching

During the wrestling match that begins on the second group date, Ed and Chasen engage in a fight when Ed forfeits, saying that his shoulders chronically dislocate. Noah Erb, who wasn't even on the date, takes Ed's place in the fight. Noah gets a kiss from Tayshia and an invite to the afterparty, and he even proves his commitment by shaving off his mustache just to cater to her likes!

The Rose Ceremony

Three men, Brendan, Ivan and Eazy, go into the ceremony with roses. Later given roses are Zac, Riley, Kenny, Ben, Demar, Bennett, Spencer, Jordan, Noah, Joe, Blake, Ed and Chasen. This means that those eliminated are Jay, Peter, and Montel.

You can catch The Bachelorette Tuesdays on ABC.

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Claudia Rufa

Claudia is 20 years old, lives in Yorktown Heights, NY, & attends Marist College.

Claudia is 20 years old, lives in Yorktown Heights, NY, & attends Marist College.