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'Bachelorette' Episode 2 Recap

'Bachelorette' Episode 2 Recap
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The new season of the Bachelorette with Katie Thurston is quickly heating up. On Monday's episode there was a lot of drama, and we are here to unpack it!

The beginning segment on this week's episode was the first group date of the season. The men were greeted by a pop quiz on sex, given by Heather McDonald, that was supposed to help Thurston find her greatest lover. One of the contestants, Mike is a virgin which meant this quiz didn't go over too well for him. The next part of the date was that the men were asked to put together an act displaying why they are the "greatest lover of all time".

The most notable acts came from Connor B., Karl, and Mike. Connor, who seems to be one of Thurston's early favorites, played a song on guitar. Karl talked for an extended amount of time about what he thinks Katie wants from a lover. It went on for way too long. Then Mike had Katie come and join him on stage where he revealed that he is a virgin to her and the "live audience", which was just the rest of the contestants and the hosts, Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe. This meant a lot to Thurston and she gave him the title of "greatest lover of all time" and explained,

"Mike acknowledged that he knows exactly who I am... For him to choose to be here for me, knowing who I am, how I am- that's probably what, like, hit me the most."

To end the night, Thomas received the group date rose after heavily making out with Katie. The runners up were of course Mike and Connor B.

Next, we saw a one-on-one date with Greg, who also got the first impression rose in last week's episode. For the date, the two of them went fake camping, which Katie told him reminded her a lot of her father who passed away in 2012 since they used to do activities like that together. So far, it seems like Katie really likes Greg, and they appeared to have had a great time on the date.


Then they went to dinner, where Greg opened up about how he had also lost his father. Katie showed her appreciation for him telling her the information by giving him the rose.

The final date of the episode, was another group date. The men had to wrestle each other in mud to establish who was the winner of extra time with Katie. The biggest information we got from this date was that Cody and Aaron had some type of drama with each other. Katie could tell by the way the two of them were wrestling, it seemed like there was real anger behind the fighting. It was revealed that the two of them knew each other from back home, and Aaron claimed that Cody wasn't on the show for the right reasons. Aaron ended up winning, so he told Katie more about how he didn't like Cody.

Katie confronted Cody with this information at the cocktail party after the group date. Cody tried to deny what Aaron had said, but Katie didn't feel like he was genuine, so she sent him home.

Andrew got the group date rose after opening up to Katie about how his mother did everything for her children and always fought through adversity.

Finally, the rose ceremony was about to begin, but first Katie wanted to tell the other men who weren't on the last group date about her sending Cody home. When Karl heard this, he felt that there were other men who weren't there for the right reasons. He went and told Katie this with no real evidence to back his claims up, leaving her confused, and the other guys as well.

Next week we will find out what happens, as the drama will continue.

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