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Paul McCartney Visits Howard Stern To Dish On New Album

"I just can't help being cute, Howard."

Paul McCartney returned to Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show prior to his newest album McCartney III dropping. The "Hey Jude" singer opens up about his album-making process and influences along the way.

How Paul McCartney’s New Album Came to Be

The star opens about the meaning behind his album title. As a multitalented musician, McCartney records every instrument himself. When he was going around and playing instruments, the singer shares:

"I seriously didn't know I was making an album. So there's a whole different feel."

This spontaneous way of music-making allowed McCartney to be much more flexible and raw in his interactions with instruments and his writing process.

The star shared, however, that his art was not recognized until he joined forces with the legendary John Lennon.

""It wasn't special until I met John … I said, 'I've written a few songs' and he said, 'Oh, so have I' … and that's what started it all.""

McCartney gave credit to the "Imagine" star for discovering his talent and catapulted his career. The star revealed that he was not considered a prodigy and that nobody was interested in what McCartney had to say until he met John. The friends became members of the most famous and historic band in history, the Beatles.

Despite all of their successes, Paul McCartney did appreciate being called the "cute one" in the rock band as it discredited his talent and art in a simple and demeaning manner. The star still knows how to poke fun at his title, however, and even embraces it.

"I just can't help being cute, Howard."

McCartney's success did not stop with the Beatles. He wrote the first Rolling Stones song that became a success. The star opened up about the competition between the two bands.

"There is a rivalry, but it's not a bad one. It's a good one, I think."

The two popular bands would communicate with one another about when they were dropping records to honor each other's spaces and work.

Paul McCartney reveals that the Beatles and the Rolling Stones used to coordinate their song releases so that they would not interfere. He continues that even in today's music working alongside Taylor Swift to produce music that does not overlap with one another.

""I did the Rolling Stone cover with Taylor Swift and she just emailed me recently. And she said, 'I wasn't telling anyone, but I've got another album.' And she said, 'so I was going to put it out on my birthday,' which I think was the 10th. And then she said, 'but I found out you were going to put it out on the 10th. So I moved it to the 18th' and then she found out we were coming out on the 18th so she moved back to the 10th. So I mean, you know, people do keep out of each other's way. It's a nice thing to do.""

This respectful manner of producing music allows for artists to each have their moment in the spotlight without being outcasted by other popular musicians.

You can look out for Paul McCartney's album McCartney III streaming this Friday, December 18th.

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