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Bachelor Clayton Echard Says He Wishes He "Never Would've Fallen In Love"

Bachelor Clayton Echard Says He Wishes He "Never Would've Fallen In Love"

Clayton Echard from The Bachelor is nearing the end of his on-screen journey to finding love, and in the preview for the two-part finale, Echard is seen saying something quite shocking.

Echard has hit a very rocky road leading to the finale of his The Bachelor season. During this week's fantasy sweet episode, contestant Susie Evans decided to leave after finding out Echard had been intimate with other women. She told him during their one-on-one date that she couldn't "get past" that and decided to leave.

During the preview for next week's two-part finale, fans see a very "broken" Echard. He is shown having a conversation with his father who tells him that he "screwed the pooch." An interesting way to phrase the situation, but even his father can see his son has messed up.

Echard responds to his father:

"I wish I never would've fallen in love."

He is then shown being open and honest with the two remaining ladies, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey. Echard says he wants to be "fully transparent" followed by:

"I am in love with each of you, and I also was intimate with both of you."

It's easy to say the women don't take that news well.

Recchia said:

"He's in love with all of us, so how can I be special at all?"

The trailer ends with Echard saying:

"I want to believe loves here, but I just don't know what's going to happen."

After the trailer, it is unclear what will happen in the finale and who Echard will end up with if anyone. Find out by watching the two-part season finale of The Bachelor on March 14th and 15th at 8 pm ET.

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