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Dancing On The Avengers Set? Chris Evans and Paul Rudd Share Their Best Marvel Stories!

Chris Evans and Paul Rudd - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

Captain America and Ant-Man unite once again for a one-on-one conversation.

Paul Rudd and Chris Evans sat down with Variety to talk everything Marvel. Their discussion revealed a lot about a day in the life on the set of Marvel films.


One of the best ways the Avengers passed the time on set was by playing boggle. The two discussed the game:

Chris Evans: "We were big into Boggle during the Marvel movies."

Paul Rudd: "Oh, yes."

Chris Evans : "This is without fail: You could be playing with a group of 20 people. The person who is going to win is Paul Rudd. The person who's going to come in nail-biting second is Don Cheadle, and [Mark] Ruffalo will be way at the end. Although one day Ruffalo found "asbestos" on the Boggle board. It's a real anomaly."

Paul Rudd: "That is pretty impressive, but that's because Mark fights the valiant fight. He's probably out right now marching for asbestos reform."

Dancing Avengers

While discussing Paul Rudd's first day on set, Chris Evans recalled their first interaction:

"I don't know if you remember this. On that day, it was literally the day I met you, [Anthony] Mackie and I and Scarlett [Johansson] got in our head that we were going to shoot — this is so hilarious — a little video just for the Marvel gang, like a little culmination, like a yearbook video, set to that song from "Grease." "We go together, like rama lama," whatever that song is. We were just going to go around, take little clips of videos of people dancing and cut it all together. The first day I was like, "All right, I'll start collecting some of this footage." I have the footage. I was like, "Hi, nice to meet you. You don't know me, but can I get this?" It was you, Mackie, I think [Jeremy] Renner, Sebastian, and I just said, "Look, everyone, just dance for 30 seconds," and you did it. You were a great sport. You willingly danced with little explanation from me, and then I never completed the video. I just abandoned it. But I got that footage of our first day of meeting of you dancing"

Playing Ant-Man

While Chris Evans played Captain America, a well known superhero, Paul Rudd felt pressure playing Ant-Man, a mostly unknown superhero. The two discussed what it was like:

Chris Evans: "I didn't know Ant-Man as well. Is there pressure trying to bring a character that isn't one of the names?"

Paul Rudd: "There's pressure at every single movie you're making in the Marvel world. You don't want to be the weak link. A character like Ant-Man, yeah, very few people knew. They'd say, "Well, what does Ant-Man do?" And I'd say, "He can shrink to the size of an ant, but he also retains strength, and he can control ants and talk to ants." And people would just laugh."

2020 has been a dark time for the world but these two have made it just a bit brighter. You can watch the whole discussion here.

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