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Ryan Reynolds Crashes 'X-Men Origins' Reunion With New 'X-Men' Stars

X-Men Cast Reunites to Celebrate Everyday Superheroes | Global Goal: Unite for Our Future

The Reynolds-Jackman feud saga continues.

The stars of the first X-Men film celebrated the film's 20 year anniversary on Zoom when Ryan Reynolds made a guest appearance in true Deadpool fashion along with some newer cast members.

The original X-Men stars Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, and Famke Janssen gathered virtually to reminisce on the movie that changed the superhero genre forever, brought together by Global Citizen to honor modern day heroes. As the stars chit-chat, they begin to be interrupted by the new generation of Marvel actors, the first being Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds.

This incident becomes the latest installment in the Reynolds-Jackman feud where the two poke fun at each other on social media. Reynolds not only crashes the reunion but invites some newer X-Men along with him. X-Men: Apocalypse stars James McAvoy and Sophie Turner join the call while the original members scramble to find an excuse to leave the call. Poking fun at the high volume of reunions occurring during quarantine, Turner claims she thought it was a Game of Thrones reunion while Janssen and Berry leave for a fake James Bond reunion until just Reynolds and Jackman remain.

The two starred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine together, which Reynolds mentions as the two are the last remaining callers. At the last moment, Liev Schreiber pops in to make it a true X-Men: Wolverine reunion. While the short video was all fun and games, Jackman took to Twitter to discuss the real reason for the reunion: to thank essential workers.

While superhero content has been on hold due to the pandemic, this short clip provided Marvel fans some much needed lighthearted content from some of their favorite stars!

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