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Top 10 Superheroes We Need to See in the Next MCU Installment

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is absolutely massive already, with dozens of characters, all with feature films to boot, and it's about to get bigger. Stan Lee did a whole lot of writing in his life, and with the next chapter of the MCU on the way, here's some superheroes we've got to see.

10. Moon Knight

So, is Moon Knight basically Batman? Yes. Insanely rich, traumatized men who fight crime with gadgets and are expert detectives. That's not really fooling anybody. Batman has batarangs, Moon Knight has moonrangs. But, the story of Marc Spector is a complicated one, one that doesn't really need the superhero exploits to shine.

Marc Spector is a former marine, CIA agent, and mercenary. As he lay dying in Egypt, he was approached by Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god, who healed him, and gave him superhuman abilities in exchange for being his guardian over Earth.

He then invested his money to make millions and became a crimefighter. He uses several identities, none of whom are Marc Spector. Jake is a taxi driver. Steven is a millionaire. Disney+ is actually launching a miniseries of Moon Knight starring Oscar Isaac, but since Moon Knight was at one point an Avenger, let's not Daredevil this guy, let's put him in the big picture.

9. Hercules

Hercules is a hero, based on, well, Hercules, who's never made an appearance in the movies despite being a longtime member of the Avengers. The character has appeared in the comics since the 1960s, mostly alongside Thor. His powers are pretty much what you'd expect. He's insanely strong, fast, he's an Olympian god.

Since Disney already adapted Hercules for an animated feature back in the 90s, why not run it back with a bit of a rough and tumble Marvel version? And, reports just broke a few days ago that none other than Henry Cavill might be up for the role. That's just a rumor, but PLEASE.

8. Quasar

Think Silver Surfer meets Captain Marvel. Quasar is the possessor of the quantum bands, a set of two wristbands permanently affixed to his body that allow him to tap into quantum force, ie, he can shoot giant energy beams out of his hands, and a whole lot more really cool stuff.

He appears frequently in Guardians of the Galaxycomics, so why not throw him in a movie?

7. Moondragon

Moondragon, born Heather Douglas, achieved all her powers through hard work. Seriously. She studied with the Titanian monks of Shao-Lom, and accessed her full psionic potential. Essentially, she can control anything about anyone's mind, whenever she wants. She once ended a war by influencing the mind of every single person on that planet.

She's an entity that frequently causes moral dilemma, as her goals are good, but her means of achieving them are less than admirable.

She frequently butt heads with Thanos, so it's hard to imagine her fitting in after his arc is completed, but anything is possible.

6. Darkhawk

Christopher Powell was a teenager in Queens who found a mysterious amulet that allowed him to switch minds with a powerful android that he can control.

Darkhawk can fly from New York to LA in 3 hours, shoot energy beams out of his chest, and beat the living crap out of bad guys. He's basically a jumbo jet that shoots lasers. His origin story isn't the greatest, basically Peter Parker-lite, but the complicated relationship between Powell and the android, as they get closer and closer through the power of the amulet, is something to watch.

5. Black Knight

This inclusion stems less from how compelling Black Knight is, and more from a desire for Marvel to further incorporate the historical legends they've been using in the comics for years.

Black Knight was born Dane Whitman in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and inherits a sword that once belonged to the legendary Black Knight, from the days of King Arthur. He's an expert horse rider and swordsman who somehow more than holds his own against modern day villains.

He'll actually be played by Kit Harrington in The Eternals, but this is more of a bid for him to stick around.

4. Jocasta

Jocasta is a cyborg, created by Ultron in an effort for him to have a mate, only for her to turn on her master and fight with the Avengers. Her programming dictates an extremely strong love for Ultron that she must fight in order to maintain her own agency. It's a fascinating story that touches topics like misogyny in superhero comics where it hurts. Make it a movie already!

3. Sunspot

Sunspot is the perfect way for the X-Men and MCU universes to collide. A Brazillian mutant who can harness solar energy, he was added to the Avengers cast back in 2011 for the Marvel NOW! series. This pick stems less from Sunspot himself, and more from a desire for the X-Men and Avengers to collide, but let's do it already!

2. Brother Voodoo

Brother Voodoo doesn't exactly live up to the idea of the unoffensive black hero, but he absolutely could. He's a bit of a stereotype right now, honestly, but with a little tinkering this could become an incredible hero with influences from Haitian culture.

1. Silverclaw

Maria de Guadalupe Santiago was born in an isolated and fictional South American country. After Christian missionaries expel the beliefs the countries' citizens hold in their gods. The problem with expelling that belief is, among other things, those gods were real. In fact, Maria's mother is the volcano goddess Peliali.

Being a goddess' daughter, of course, comes with strange powers, and Tony Stark sponsored Maria and took her in, to help her hone and control her powers. It's a fascinating story in an underrepresented demographic in the superhero world, and it gives Robert Downey Jr a chance to be Iron Man again, even if it's just for an origin story.

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