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Rob Kardashian Says His Love for Blac Chyna Was "Not Real" in Ongoing Trial

Rob Kardashian Says His Love for Blac Chyna Was "Not Real" in Ongoing Trial

Rob Kardashian has taken the stand in the ongoing trial between his family and Blac Chyna.

Though his public appearances are few and far between, Kardashian testified against his ex on April 27, making the claim that their relationship "was all negative."

Kardashian recalled their romance and how it "happened very quickly." He met Chyna via Instagram shortly after graduating college and admitted he was at his "weakest" when they began dating. He explained to the jury that he had just been diagnosed with ketoacidosis and diabetes at the time, stating,

"I was probably in the worst place in my entire life. She was catching me at my lowest."

Kardashian said Chyna disrespected his family "a hundred different times," which included skipping a baby shower they threw for her, as well as sending threats to Kylie Jenner, who was dating Chyna's ex, Tyga. Kardashian said that it "was not like me" to go against his family, but that he sided with Chyna because he was "just trying to support her."

When Chyna's attorney asked if he had ever been in love with her, Rob responded,

"No. It was not real love. Otherwise, we would've been married."

He added that he did care for Chyna, and that their child "was not born out of spite."

Chyna's suit alleges that the Kardashian family was behind the cancellation of the second season to the reality show, "Rob & Chyna." She's also suing Kardashian for assault, battery and harassment.

The attorney for the Kardashian family recently filed a motion asking for the defamation lawsuit to be dismissed, claiming Chyna "did not testify to specific facts or introduce supporting documentary evidence about her total income pre-and post-alleged injury" when she testified.

For more context, take a look at Advocate Channel's previous coverage of the trial bombshells, and check back in for the next big development.

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