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John Stamos Promotes Disney Plus 'Big Shot' Series & Opens Up About Personal Life With Howard Stern

John Stamos & Howard Stern

John Stamos joined Howard Stern to talk about his new Disney+ show Big Shot and much more on Sirius XM.

During the interview, Stamos shared his decision of marrying his wife, Caitlin and have his first kid in his 50s.

"The sobriety helped. My mind got very clear. I realized I just had to put everything into it.

The two met while filming an episode for Law & Order: SVU. Stamos told Howard that she was already engaged at the time.

"She was engaged, and we exchanged numbers, but after a while she said 'We have to stop texting because I'm getting married."

But on set of Fuller House, the two reconnected.

"She was just a nice, really beautiful, normal girl, and I had to tell myself that this is I think what I need and put everything into it. And if it doesn't work then that's okay."

Stamos's new show is Big Shot is out now on Disney+ -- Stamos's character is a hot headed coach who just got fired and finds a job in an elite all-girls private high school in the basketball team.

"This character was a guy that was unlikeable, nobody liked him, he was not a people person. This is a show about a guy who lets go of his preconceptions of what women are, what kids are, what basketball is and actually changes."

Howard correctly said that Stamos went through a similar journey like his character and the actor shared that it's all about sacrifice:

"Sacrificing your own needs for your child. At the end of the day, you don't get a ring. You don't get a trophy, but what you do get, if you do it right, is a more loving, a more caring, a more kind version of you to leave behind the world."

Stamos then shared an emotional letter from his dad, who was not used to say "I love you" out loud very often like his mother did. When his father was dying, Stamos said that at the bottom of the letter it said "I love you, dad." Then shared part of the letter:

"Life isn't very long and a man doesn't have many great moments, but you have given me many. Thank you, I love you, dad."

John Stamos on Playing With the Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, and John Fogerty

Howard then asked Stamos about the time he played with the Beach Boys and Jimmy Page asked him a musical question he didn't know the answer to. Stamos said:

"First we were in Philadelphia and then we took a bus and went to DC for the nighttime show. I was best friends with the guitar player and he was in charge of teaching Jimmy what key songs are in. Then he was yelling me about what key songs are in."

How John Stamos Started Playing Drums for the Beach Boys

Howard asked Stamos when he got into drums:

"I played drums since I was a kid and the Beach Boys were my idols. I knew the guitar player and I went to a show and this was like '81/'82 General Hospital was on and all these girls chased me into the dressing room and Mike love said 'do girls follow him around like that all the time? Get him on stage!'"

And that is how it started. Howard then asked if Stamos knew Brian Wilson at all and the actor replied:

"In Toronto after a show we broke into a ballroom looking for a piano. He starts playing songs, and he was just tall, thin, funny and then he starts writing a song. I literally wept my pants."

Howard pointed out that if Brian Wilson considered Stamos a good enough musician to perform with him on stage, then "you're at a master level as a musician."

Stamos undoubtedly has a marvelous career, but he's also trying to "let it all sink in" while feeling incredibly grateful for the huge accomplishments in his life.

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