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A Look Back On Charlie Chaplin's Iconic Standing Ovation At The 44th Oscars

Charlie Chaplin

The 93rd Oscars are almost here! Let's take a look at the iconic moment when Charlie Chaplin received the Oscar's longest standing ovation ever.

During the 44th Academy Awards ceremony, Charlie Chaplin received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his iconic career. But this incredible moment was also marked by the fact that Chaplin had been exiled from the U.S. for alleged Communists's affinities. Hence, it had been 20 years since Chaplin had been in the U.S.

The audience, however, showed their profound appreciation for Chaplin as soon as his name is mentioned: everyone stood for 12 minutes straight while Chaplin was completely speechless and in awe of such love. Emotional, Chaplin said:

"Thank you so much. This is an emotional moment for me and words seem so futile, so feeble. I can only say thank you for the honor of inviting me here."

Chaplin's humbleness is characteristic of the greats: those who have dedicated their entire lives to the arts are the ones that are able to connect with their humanity the most. Chaplin's outstanding career is based on a deep passion that transcends time.

The longest standing ovation in Oscars history couldn't have gone to a better artist and person.

To see which iconic moments are going to mark this year's Oscars, make sure to watch the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony tonight on ABC at 8pm ET!

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