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Grammys 2022: Some of the Best Speeches of the Night

Grammys 2022: Some of the Best Speeches of the Night
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It was surely a night to remember

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards aired Sunday night from Las Vegas, a week after a wildly controversial Oscars ceremony.

This year's Grammy Awards were supposed to occur in January, but they were postponed until seven days after the Oscars. So, now that the awards season has mercifully concluded, we look back at some of the night's best speeches.

Batiste took home the biggest prize of the night—Album of the Year—and delivered one of the better awards show speeches in recent memory.

"I believe this to my core: there is no 'best' musician… No best artist, best dancer, best actor," he said. "The creative arts are subjective… It's like a song, or an album is made, and it has a radar to find a person when they need it the most."

He paid tribute to his family-- both his father and grandfather are on the album-- as well as the other nominees in his category, saying that their music gave him "out-of-body experiences." He then encouraged young musicians to stay true to themselves: "Be you. Keep going."

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a powerful pre-taped message:

"Our musicians wear body armour instead of tuxedos," he told stars including Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, referring to the ongoing war with Russia. "They sing to the wounded in hospitals, even to those who can't hear them. But the music will break through." Support us in any way you can, but not with your silence," he continued. "Fill the silence with music."

Jazmine Sullivan paused a beat after Heaux Tales was called the R&B Album winner and then walked to the stage in a daze. Calm and gracious as ever, she gave the night's first meaningful acceptance speech.

Opening with a joke, she then cut to the heart of Heaux Tales:

"I wrote this project to deal with my own shame and unforgiveness around decisions I made in my 20s that weren't favorable. But what it ended up being was a safe space for Black women to tell their stories, for us to learn from each other, laugh with each other, and not be exploited at the same time. That's what I'm most grateful for. Shoutout to all Black women who are just living their lives and being beautiful."

After three long hours of awards, the night's most chaotic yet satisfying speech arrived when Doja Cat and SZA won the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for "Kiss Me More."

SZA hobbled up to the stage in crutches, as Lady Gaga held her train, while Doja rushed in from the side, announcing,

"I've never taken such a fast piss in my whole life" while fixing her underwear. Out of breath, Doja then made an emotional realization: "I like to downplay a lot of shit, but this is a big deal."

Check out the full speeches below!

JON BATISTE Wins Album Of The Year For ‘WE ARE’ | 2022 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

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