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'The Masked Dancer' Finale Recap

A winner is crowned and we finally see who's behind the final masks!

Last night, the season finale of The Masked Dancerfinally brought us a winner, and the answer to the celebrities behind the Tulip, Sloth, and Cotton Candy masks! Warning, spoilers ahead.

Craig Robinson Did His Thing

Host Craig Robinson, best known for his roles as Doug Judy AKA The Pontiac Bandit on Brooklyn 99 and Darryl Philbin onThe Office, has brought the laughs all season. Last night, we got the treat of watching him headline a group number set to "(I've Had) The Time of My Life.

Tulip Did her Final Dance

Tulip has wowed the judges and fans alike all season, and we got to see her final performance last night set to Ava Max's classic Kings and Queens. It was awesome. The set design, set tulip on a floral throne surrounded by a medieval castle with a giant chessboard surrounding the set. The pulled out the ballet, the flips, the stunts, the lights, the everything.

Who is Tulip?

After her third place finish, it was time to find out who's behind the Tulip mask. Is she Ariana Grande? No, ok, what about Lucy Hale? Alright, times up. Tulip is former Dance Momsstar and TikTok phenom Mackenzie Ziegler! Ashley Tisdale nailed it.

Sloth Brings the Laughs

Sloth has been known for his goofy antics throughout the season, and he embraced that heavily for his final performance. The bowling themed dance set to "Ballroom Blitz" had brilliant comedic timing the whole way through.

Sloth Takes it Off

So, with his second place finish, it's time to find out who Sloth is. Channing Tatum? McDreamy? Not exactly, but it is Maksim Chmerkovskiy, a world renowning dancer and Dancing With the Stars champion. Don't feel bad, my money was on James Earl Jones.

A Winner Was Crowned and Unmasked! 

After an electrifying performance, Cotton Candy was crowned the winner of this season. Who was she? A famous Olympian. Tonya Harding? Simone Biles? No, Gabby Douglas! The three time Olympic gold medalist was the dancer behind the cotton candy mask!

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