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Cindy Lauper's song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" has never felt truer after watching Ariana Grande's "35+35" remix music video.

"34+35" remix music video is everything that we were waiting for: lighthearted and captivating. Our emotional range is completely linked to the three singers, while they're having the time of their lives in a luxurious hotel.

At the beginning of the music video, Grande grabs our attention sitting by the pool and reading a magazine. We quickly discover, however, that she's not alone: Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion are right next to her doing the same thing, ready for champagne.

During the first part, Doja Cat's lyrics are sung in a light rosé room with a Dalmatian dog in front of the couch where she sings in a sensual lingerie.

But the music suddenly stops when Grande calls room service: champagne, french fries.... And a dessert that Grande can't remember.

"Do you have those flaming ones? Those ones that go on fire, what are they called?"

And as she turns to ask her friends, the music video resumes with the singers in a hotel room, dancing, eating and drinking. But perhaps one of the most impressive moments of the video is Grande sitting on a vintage TV that follows her facial expressions.

Ariana Grande, 34+35 Remix Music Video


Right afterwards, it's Megan Thee Stallion moment. The rapper's in a chic bathroom with a chandelier on top followed by intersections of the three entertainers looking at the camera while having fun in the room.

Cherry on top, the music video ends with them looking at their tape on screen. As titles come up, we can see that all the fun has drained all the singers's energies as they sleep without hearing the phone ring in the room....

Oh, and Grande is finally able to know the dessert's name.

It's called Baked Alaska. Do you guys have Baked Alaska?

But ends up entirely disappointed as they tell her that they just ran out.

Ariana Grande, Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion


After "34+35" Remix Music Video, we can't wait to see Ariana Grande, Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion collaborating again in the future.

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