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Bachelor Recap: Final Four Are Revealed


Last night's episode of 'The Bachelor' failed to acknowledge any sort of heat that the franchise is under, instead revealing the four finalists and contestants of next week's hometown visits.

Last night's episode of The Bachelor (2002-) said goodbye to some of the most loved contestants of the season, as well as disclosing the feelings of each of the girls and their stance in their relationship with Matt James.

Protests Against Racism of 'The Bachelor'

We have to start off by addressing the rocky waters surrounding the entire Bachelor franchise. Spoiler alert, this episode does not address the racist claims against The Bachelor in any way. However, fans have taken matters into their own hands, protesting the franchise by not watching last night's episode.

Bryan Abasolo On The Immature Interview

Host Chris Harrison has stepped down from the show after excusing contestant Rachael Kirkconnell's racist past in an interview with Season 21 BacheloretteRachel Lindsay.

Harrison blatantly disrespects Lindsay throughout the interview posing the question,

"Who the hell are you?"

In the Bachelor Nation podcast Talking It Out (2021-) co-host Dr. Bryan Abasolo addresses the interview Harrison had with Lindsay, Abasolo's wife of two years.

"Well, I'll tell you who she is Chris. She's Rachel Motherf***in' Lindsay. Strong Black woman, a pioneer in this franchise, the realest Bachelorette who tells it like it is and quite frankly the best thing to ever happen to this franchise. That's who she is."

Drama of Last Night's Episode

If you missed last night's episode of The Bachelor out of protest or simple frustration, we get it. We're here to spill all of the tea, so you don't have to bear witness to the mess of yesterday's episode.

Heather is Sent Home

Last week, Bachelor Season 23 contestant Heather Martin walked into the Bachelor estate and straight to Matt, shocking everyone. Although he was surprised, Matt stuck true to his heart stating they were too far into the show for Heather to walk in and walked her back to her minivan.

First Rose Ceremony

The first rose ceremony of the episode featured the goodbyes to two of the contestants: Chelsea Vaughn and Serena Chew.

Matt and Serena Test Their Flexibility

Serena Pitt received the first one-on-one of the episode, attending tantric yoga with Matt. The publicist was noticeably uncomfortable during the date, however she stuck with it to the end granting herself a rose at dinner and guaranteeing her advancement to the hometown visits next week.

Revealing Group Date

Pieper James, Michelle Young, Rachael, Bri Springs, Kit Keenan, and Abigail Heringer attended the group date with theme of venting. Matt sat down with each of the women who revealed what has been on their mind.

Abigail revealed her frustrations with Matt on the fact that they've barely gotten any alone time, leading her to ask the bachelor where they stand. He reveals he is not as invested in their relationship as he is with the other women and Abigail leaves the show.

Michelle assured Matt that she is committed to their relationship.

Bri confided in Matt that she had to quit her job as a communications manager to continue competing in the show.

Rachael confirmed that the two feel the same way about one another and was gifted the group date rose.

Kit Isn't Ready to Dive In

Rachael may have received the rose, however all eyes are on Kit as she had a revealing discussing with Matt. Kit stated that she is focused on her career and needs a partner who can wait for a family.

Although Matt assured Kit that he would support her, the socialite returned to his place later that night and confessed she isn't ready for him to meet her family and the two parted ways as Kit left the show.

Matt and Jessenia Get a Little Crazy

Matt and Jessenia Cruz's date consisted of race cars and goodbyes. After the two went racing, they had a conversation where Matt revealed he is not where Jessenia is in terms of their relationship and the social media marketer was sent home.

Second Rose Ceremony

The night ended with Pieper saying goodbye to the Bachelor house as she didn't receive a rose.

The Final Four

Bri, Michelle, Rachael, and Serena P. are the four finalists taking Matt to meet their families in the hometown visits of next week.

New episodes of The Bachelor premiere Mondays at 8 p.m., only on ABC.

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