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Bachelor Recap: A Shocking Exit That No One Saw Coming

Bachelor Recap: Hometowns

This week on 'The Bachelor' Matt James meets the final four's families who don't hold back in questioning his intentions and feelings, leading up to the shocking leave of one of the women.

Due to the pandemic, The Bachelor (2002-) hometown visits looked a little different. Regardless, there was still as much drama and heartbreak as Matt James said goodbye to one of his possible fiancés.

Here's a little preface before we dive in. If you were looking for the same conversation over and over again, you came to the right place.

Ms. Michelle Young and Mr. Matt James

Edina, Minnesota's Michelle Young began her hometown date with a Zoom call to her students. The students gave Matt the pre-parent grill, asking how many girlfriends he had and if the two had kissed.

Matt then met Michelle's parents LaVonne and Ephraim Young. In a sit down with her mom, Michelle got emotional admitting Matt could be the one and she would say yes if he proposed to her.

When questioned by her dad, Matt said he would move to Minnesota from New York to make the pair's relationship work. A big promise, right? Well, he probably didn't mean it. When the couple was reunited Michelle admitted she was falling in love with the New York City native to which he responded with a kiss... never saying it back. So, that's where they stand.

Rachael's Fall For Matt

Yeah, no, we didn't mean that figuratively. Cumming, Georgia's Rachael Kirkconnell risked it all on a skydiving date with the bachelor. While landing, the graphic designer's side slammed into the ground, shaking up Matt.

Well I guess nothing tests your love as much as a minor skydiving incident, as that's the moment Matt realized how much he cared for Rachael.

In the sit down with her family, Rachael confessed she would say yes if Matt proposed to her, however her parents were still skeptical. In the end, the controversial contestant was most hurt by the fact that Matt didn't ask for her family's blessing.

Bri's Mom Doesn't Hold Back

San Francisco baby Bri Springs began her hometown date off-roading and hosting a picnic. The communications manager then went on to introduce Matt to her mom, best friend, and infant sister, referring to her family as not "traditional."

In each of their sit-downs with mama Lauren Stoppelbein it was discovered that neither one are in love with each other, but they're definitely falling. Well, supposedly. When the two were able to catch up Bri left it all out on the line and Matt reciprocated with a

"Thanks for sharing that with me."

Ha, yikes.

Serena P.'s Big Realization

By process of elimination you could probably guess which woman had the big epiphany. Canadian Serena Pitts had us in the first half with her Canada themed date, teaching Matt slang, eating poutine, and winning in a game of hockey.

However, all the tea was spilt when the Pitt family came down and slapped the publicist with a sense of reality, Her family doesn't believe that she's ready to get married and Serena realized neither does she.

Serena's mom Rasna mentioned the finalist's last relationship, suggesting it messed with her head.

The Exit That Left Everyone Shocked

Having made up her mind, Serena P. sat down with the bachelor confessing her decision was not a matter of cold feet, she simply feels he is not her person.Matt was actually devastated about this leave and the final three were shocked when Serena didn't show up to the rose ceremony.

There Matt told the women that these final roses mean he's ready for an engagement and wanted to make sure they were too, to which all the women agreed.

Women Tell All and The Final Three

Next week comes the "Women Tell All" special which should be exciting as this was one of the most toxic environments in Bachelor history. Of course the women will be discussing the bullying and mean girl energy of the season with Queen Victoria making a comeback. Serena P. also returns and is asked if she may regret her decision.

The event is hosted by Chris Harrison, obviously before the controversy over his defense of Rachael Kirkconnell's racist actions and his disrespectful interview with past BacheloretteRachel Lindsay.

While discussing the repressive nature of the Bachelor Nation in general, the preview also includes clips of the Fantasy Suite episode to come.

It feels as though the producers are tugging at us with Rachael's drama, as Matt is seen making out with all of the women except Rachael who's only seen in crying scenes. It's not clear if those are shots in real time or pre-taped clips making it look like they will address the issues.

Regardless, the preview ends with host Chris Harrison apologizing to Matt who says he doesn't know if he could do this anymore.

We can only hope questions will be answered on next Monday's episode of The Bachelor, only on ABC.

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