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'The Bachelor' Ep. 2 Recap

'The Bachelor' Ep. 2 Recap

Everything that went down last night!

The Bachelor week 2...so much to unpack here, so let's get started!


The episode kicked off with the first one-on-one date of the season. Bri joined Matt for a romantic day of ATV-ing and hot-tubbing. Because according to ABC, if and when you get dirty, you must strip! Beyond the forced sexualization, the date threw in some more spicy content.... chopping wood without a shirt? ABC, I just want to know what your brainstorming meetings look like.


At the dinner-portion of the date, Bri and Matt bonded over their struggling relationships with their fathers. Bri shared that her mother had her when she was 13 years old. Matt seemed to appreciate her honesty and gave her a rose.


On to the group date.... a wedding theme! Again, I echo, original, ABC. Seventeen girls dressed up in their finest wedding gowns, preparing for a photo shoot with their one and only. Only half of the girls got through their "intimate" shoots, and then.... plot twist! Chris Harrison popped up to tell the girls that there was actually more to the date-- They would be fighting for Matt's heart. And the only way do to that? By playing Capture The Flag, of course. (Or in this case, Capture The Heart.) The girls split up into two teams and battled it out, slinging paint at each other. In the end, the losers were sent back to the house, and the winners earned spots at the after-party. Mari took home MVB (Most Valuable Bride) for her outstanding performance.


At the after-party, Matt and Lauren bonded over their faith, scoring her the group-date rose. Victoria was convinced she'd get it, especially after telling Matt that she actually does have insecurities. (You don't say?) Victoria's been butting heads with the girls since she walked out of the limo, and it looks like that won't be stopping anytime soon.


And for the second one-on-one date, Matt took Sarah for a romantic plane ride. As the two flew over the resort, the girls turned to the sky and said "There they are!" Because if you see a plane while your on The Bachelor, it must mean that you know the people in it! Later, Sarah opened up to Matt about her father's struggle with ALS. She took home a rose.



The tension was building at the cocktail party, especially between Marylynn and Victoria. Victoria told Matt that Marylynn had been bullying her, and Matt believed it! Bless your heart. He confronted Marylynn, who did not bash Victoria, but simply defended herself. She later went to confront the culprit herself, asking to make peace. But of course, Victoria didn't take it. What's the best way to ensure you make it on to Bachelor In Paradise? You make sure every. single. girl in the house doesn't like you. (According to my calculations, we will be seeing Victoria back on our screens next fall.)


At the rose ceremony, Matt gave roses to nine women, until Sarah stepped away, sharing that she was "blacking out." The ceremony was cut off there... we'll have to wait until next week to see if who will get a rose (and if Sarah is ok)!

You can catch The Bachelor at 8 pm Mondays on ABC.

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