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'The Bachelor' Ep. 4 Recap

Everything you missed last night:

Ah, The Bachelor. It's starting to get good. Let's dive in.


Well, it's hard to say exactly who was on this group date... because ABC didn't show us most of it. But after cutting to the night-portion, it looks like we got all of the juice we needed. Chelsea had an intimate chat with Matt, sharing how empowering it was to shave her head. The two shared a sweet kiss, and Chelsea got the group date rose.


Earlier in the episode, Victoria trashed Sarah for leaving the show, and Katie called her out on it. But then, Victoria decided to take her "mean girl" status to the next level by calling out Katie for calling her out for being mean. Yikes. The Queen wanted an apology. Yes, you read that right. Victoria wanted an apology from Katie for "shutting down" her meanness. Katie responded with "you're not gonna get an apology." Ladies and gents, we have found our hero of the season.



Chris Harrison interrupted Matt's conversation with Victoria (bummer), to lead him back to the front of the resort. A limo soon approached, and the girls were left questioning (as they spied out of the window) who would exit it. Could it be Sarah!? It has to be Sarah.

It wasn't Sarah.

As you probably could have guessed from the promo, five new girls exited the limo. ABC is going MTV on us... I'm into it. The girls didn't share that sentiment. And of course, Victoria was the most upset of them all. Catalina, AKA Miss Puerto Rico, walked in wearing her beauty pageant crown, and Victoria stole it. Literally. She took it off her head and placed it on her own. The nerve!


Four of the five new girls got roses... and three girls in total were sent home. 20 girls are left!



OK, this was a group date we actually got to see. Although, considering the content of it, I would've been okay with skipping this one. The girls dressed up in squirrel costumes (what?) and competed in a fall-themed obstacle course (I repeat, what?). At the night-portion of the date, Anna accused Brittany of being an escort, and Brittany was brought to tears. The rose went to Bri, who stayed out of all of the drama.



The one-on-one went to new girl Michelle. Matt and Michelle went zip-lining and rode in a hot air balloon (#Romance). The two shared a sweet dinner together, and Matt gave her a rose.



Is it just me, or did this episode seem longer than normal? The third one-one-one was boxing themed--because-- is there really a better way to deal with pent-up aggression than physical violence? (Jokes.) Katie gave it her all. We love to see it.

Later in the evening, Katie approached Matt, sharing that the girls were taking their bullying too far. She told him that some of the comments could "ruin" the girls' lives. (She's not wrong.) He then responded by saying he wouldn't stand for it. What exactly does that mean? We'll have to wait and see!

You can catch The Bachelor Mondays on ABC.

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