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The Bachelor Ep. 3 Recap: ​'The Sarah Show'

The Bachelor Ep. 3 Recap: ​'The Sarah Show'

Everything you missed this week:

Another week.... another recap of The Bachelor. Let's do it!

Last week's episode left us with a cliffhanger-- Sarah fainted mid-rose ceremony, and we were left wondering if she was okay. Matt James, being the kind and wonderful Bachelor he is, went to check on Sarah. But of course, this didn't sit well the women... a few even insisted that she was just acting. But, no one stole the show quite like Victoria...um, sorry, Queen Victoria.

You might recall that Victoria and Marylynn battled it it out last week, but now, the queen has her sights set on a new victim... Any guesses?

Victoria said:

"Sarah is worse than Marylynn because she's not directly attacking one person, she is interfering with everyone's relationships."

And in case you suddenly forgot which show you were watching, Victoria's got ya covered. This is "not 'The'Sarah Show," she reminded us. Thanks, Vic.



On the group date, things got spicy! The girls were asked to write and present some erotic poetry. (Isn't this supposed to be a family show?) Some girls kept it light, and others really went for it. I mean, really went for it. It was all fun and games until Sarah showed up at the group date after-party to to tell Matt how she was "feeling." If the women weren't pissed off before, they definitely were at this point. Katie insisted Sarah "could have tried to find a different time to talk to him." And slightly less eloquently, Victoria told her that she "changed the vibe up." Not the vibe! Still, everyone managed. Matt seemed to think everything was completely normal, and Rachel got the group rose.



Serena and Matt shared a romantic day of horseback riding, charcuterie boards and champagne. Ah, just another day at The Bachelor. Matt revealed that he had "real feelings" for her, and Serena shared that she thought they were "really good together." She got a rose.



Sarah apologized to the women for her "bad timing," but of course. It wasn't enough. After a good 15 minutes of bullying, she decided it was time to pack her bags, sharing with Katie that her father had a terminal illness. When Katie told the group that Sarah was leaving, many didn't hide their excitement...Victoria even clapped. But Katie reminded the group that they don't know each other's stories and should remain "classy." Let's see how long the "class" lasts. This is The Bachelor, after all.

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