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Bachelor Recap: Women Are Coming and Going

Past the halfway point, it comes at no surprise that the drama on 'The Bachelor' is heating up and the tears are falling. Matt surprisingly sends five girls home, making room for the surprise return of a Bachelor alum.

Bachelor Matt James banished mean girl energy from the home last week, but the return of a Bachelor alumna sends shockwaves in the home and the drama ramps up.

MJ vs. Jessenia Put to Rest

Last week, the audience witnessed a yelling match between MJ Snyder and Jessenia Cruz. MJ accused Jessenia of ruining her chances with Matt by making him aware of her role in the toxic bullying of the home, which MJ denies.

Matt sits down with the women and chooses to believe Jessenia, sending MJ home. It seems that Matt is sticking to his mission of weeding out all of the mean girls from the home.

Grateful for Matt's trust, Jessenia gets emotional in her confessional stating,

"It feels good to be validated."

Of course, MJ is furious and denies all claims that Jessenia put on her.

"I don't know how she did this. She sabotaged me."

Well MJ, your antics were broadcast on to national television... so maybe you can check those out when you get back home.

TC and Matt's Bro Down

Before his one on one with Katie Thurston, Matt finds time to talk to his best friend and Season 15 Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron. Tyler advises Matt to stay open and Matt reveals that he can see himself proposing at the end of the season.

Katie Komplications

Speaking of Katie, don't get us started on all of the heat that was on her this week.

Last week's promo featured a sneak peek onto her fight with Serena Chew, that no one but Serena saw as necessary. Then, Matt decides to use their one-on-one to prank Tyler Cameron at the massage spa. The two have fun together while telling the masseuse actor what to do through an ear piece.

Katie Isn't Matt's Wifey Material

Think that's not enough for Katie? Well, neither did Matt. After their one-on-one, Matt reveals he can't give Katie a rose as he hasn't seen her romantic side and from his perspective, their relationship hasn't gone as far as his with other girls

"My relationship with some of the other women have progressed further along than ours has up into this point and I can't give you this rose tonight."

Pieper an Matt Go Carnivaling

Pieper James also scores a one-on-one with Matt and the two play games at a carnival, while talking about their pasts. Pieper reveals to Matt that it's hard for her to open up and she just wants to make her parents proud. After Matt comforts her, Pieper reveals to Matt that she's falling in love.

Rose Ceremony Goodbyes

This week's rose ceremony also featured some goodbyes. Matt sent Ryan Claytor, Brittany Galvin, and crowd-favorite Magi Tareke home last night.

Group Bowling Date

After the women of the week have left, Matt takes the nine remaining women to the bowling alley for a group date.

The "Pink Petals" (Michelle Young, Chelsea Vaughn, Jessenia, and Serena Pitt) beat the "Blue Bomshells" (Abigail Heringer, Rachael Kirkconnell, Kit Keenan, Serena C., and Bri Springs), but Matt decides to still invite both teams to that night's cocktail party and awards the date rose to Michelle.

Heather Just Waltzes In

Finally, the juicy part. Remember when Heather Martin pulled up in a white mini van in last week's promo. Well, she drove that van all the way to the front doors of the Bachelor estate.

Quick history lesson, Heather was a part of Colton Underwood's season (Season 23). "Never been kissed" Heather was told by Hannah Brown (Season 15 Bachelorette and Top Seven on Season 23 of The Bachelor) that Matt was her perfect guy. Also, Hannah is Tyler Cameron's (Matt's best friend) ex. I know, it's a lot.

Distastefully, Hannah walks in to the house, briefly waves to the other girls, and walks in the middle of Matt's conversation with Pieper.

Matt asks Pieper if he can have a second with Heather, which was the worst possible way he could've handled the situation. So, now everyone's pissed.

What's Expected Next Week

Heather literally shook everyone, catapulting toxicity and tears in the home.

With the hometown visits in two weeks, everyone is either infuriated, or making out with Matt, leaving the women on their toes to see who stays and who gets sent home.

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