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Following the health scare regarding Queen Elizabeth, US Weekly's correspondent Christina Garibaldi is here for updates on the Queen's current state and the Royal Family's reaction.

Queen Elizabeth is officially back to work, after her overnight stay at the hospital, which forced her to reluctantly cancel her trip to northern Ireland.

According to a source, however, Queen Elizabeth seems truly unstoppable: she wants to continue doing her duties to the best of her abilities. Garibaldi shared that the Royal Family firmly supports her through and through and wished her a speedy recovery during her time at the hospital:

"A source tells us that they are in total awe of their matriarch and that William and Kate did send a huge bouquet of roses when she was at the hospital."

On a darker note, Alec Baldwin is still trying to process the incident occurred on the set of Rust.

In one of the scenes to shoot, his character needed a gun, which was immediately provided by an assistant director. Unfortunately, the gun was loaded with a live round and when Baldwin fired the gun, it killed the cinematographer of the movie, Halyna Hutchins (42), and wounded director Joel Souza.

After the tragic incident, Garibaldi shared that the actor is definitely haunted by what happened and that depression and feelings of shame are coming in waves:

"A source tells us that when he is not stricken with grief, he's trying to make amends."

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