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Prince William and Duchess Kate Are ‘Overwhelmed With Remorse’ After ‘Challenging’ Caribbean Trip

Prince William and Duchess Kate Are ‘Overwhelmed With Remorse’ After ‘Challenging’ Caribbean Trip
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Instagram

Prince William and Duchess Kate "are overwhelmed with remorse" following their tense tour through the Caribbean.

According to an insider, the royal couple "were looking forward" to visiting Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

"It was certainly more challenging than expected given the protests. They obviously know the history, but being there during the protests was a real eye-opener."

The royals kicked off their trip on March 19 but canceled their first outing at a sustainable cocoa farm in Indian Creek amid local uproar regarding indigenous people's rights and colonialism.

"We don't want them to land on our land. That's the message that we want to send," Indian Creek chairman Sebastian Sholtold the Daily Mail one day before the pair arrived, calling the tour a "slap in the face."

"The idea that the Royal Family should sail forth, in all their finery and jewels, to faraway lands to meet people they expect to bow and curtsey to them or pay homage is an increasing absurdity," said columnist Jan Moir.

While attending a dinner with diplomats in Jamaica days later, the Duke of Cambridge reflected on the British royal family's "abhorrent" past, declaring, "The appalling atrocity of slavery forever stains our history."

William expressed his "profound sorrow" over the slave trade and praised their "determination, courage and fortitude."

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness chose to tell William and Kate of his country's ambitions towards independence in person when he met them in Kingston on March 23.

Since returning to London, William and Kate have already begun thinking of ways to "strengthen their relationship" with other leaders within the Commonwealth, adding, "They can't change what has happened in the past, so they are focusing on the future."

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