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Netflix's 'Strong Black Lead' is Celebrating Three Years

Strong Black Lead

Today marks three years since Netflix's Strong Black Lead has made it debut with the streaming service.

"We are just getting started."

Netflix is celebrating its three "amazing" year anniversary with their brand Strong Black Leadand it doesn't look like they are stopping now.

Strong Black Lead is a platform within Netflix that advances Black stories, creators, and experiences on the streaming service by amplifying Black movies, shows, documentaries, and more. Although, they are apart of Netflix, they have brought in their own crowd and gained much attention through the years on social media with over half-million followers on Instagram and over 200,000 followers onTwitter.

In the encouraging video posted for the anniversary many significant faces and stories were included in the mashup. Some people included the Obama's, Zendaya, Stranger Things Caleb McLaughlin and many snippets of movies on the streaming site.

"We are not a genre because there is no one way to be Black," Caleb McLaughlin stated in the video.

The group has brought us many shows to the surface like the #HeyQueen short form video series featuring former First Lady Michelle Obama and Angelina basset, the Strong Black Legends and Okay, Now Listenpodcasts and #BetweenTwoFaves which brings conversation from icons about the Black diaspora in the entertainment industry.

According toThe Hollywood Reporterthe SBL team started by "a few black staffers were like 'Hey, we want to start prioritizing and taking to the Black audience," said Maya Watson, Netflix's director of editorial publishing. "it was a little whisper that I feel people felt: It's our time. Its tome to shift the narratives in Hollywood. It's time to have more representation."

Recently, the team has just announced a few new releases that will be going on Netflix. Some include a new announcement Thursday morning of SULWE, the animated musical that is based off of Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o's New York Times best selling book. The musical entails a young girl who is born "the color of midnight" and will learn to accept her beauty from the inside.

Strong Black Lead on Twitter

They have also spotlighted a new documentary series on Netflix, AMEND: The Fight For America. It focuses on the 14th amendment and the struggle for equality that continues to sweep through America.

"It really isn't until Strong Black Lead that I even remotely feel included, and seen, and represented as I do now," A speaker front the anniversary video.

Congratulations on three years and counting SBL!

"This is not a moment, This is a movement," Caleb McLaughlin said.

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