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Everything Coming to Netflix in September

There's something for everyone in Netflix's new teaser.

Netflix just released its content overview for the month, and there is no shortage of surprises. Here are the biggest new premieres for September.


Lucifer: After two seasons under Netflix's stewardship (they acquired it when Fox cancelled the show in Season 3), Lucifer is finally concluding. The sixth season will show its titular protagonist (played by Tom Ellis) dealing with a potential promotion to godhood and the impending collapse of all reality.

The Starling: Featuring an all-star cast, this film follows a couple (Melissa McCarthy, Chris O'Dowd) as they cope with new strains on their marriage, such as an obnoxious bird that nests in their backyard and former psychologist with a troubled past (Kevin Kline).

Worth: A film that deals with dark and difficult subject matter, Worth tells the story of a bureaucrat chosen by Congress to allocate financial compensation to victims of 9/11. Featuring Michael Keaton, Amy Ryan, and Stanley Tucci, this hard-hitting masterpiece is based on a true story and produced by Barack Obama's production company.


Dear White People: The beloved comedy is back for its fourth and final season. Featuring Logan Browning and Brandon P. Bell, the show continues to delve into American race relations at an Ivy League school. The season premiere and finale are both written by Justin Simien, who created the film that inspired the show.

Sex Education: Things never seem to go right for the students and staff at Moordale Secondary School, and the third season seems to be no exception. The Netflix teaser gives away little, only showing the returning cast members expressing their "enthusiasm" in an advertisement for their school.

Afterlife of the Party: In this new Netflix original film, Victoria Justice stars as a woman who dies and is resurrected for a week — just enough time to fix everything in her broken, pathetic life.


Kate: In this action film, Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the eponymous Kate, a seasoned killer who is commissioned to assassinate a Yakuza leader, only to botch the hit after being mysteriously poisoned. The Yakuza then attempt to kill Kate as revenge, forcing Kate to rely on her handler (Woody Harrelson) and a zesty young street urchin (Miku Martineau) in order to get answers before the poison kills her.

Midnight Mass: Written and directed by Mike Flanagan, the mind behind The Haunting of Bly Manor, this horror series follows an isolated island community that is confronted with supernatural happenings after the arrival of a charismatic priest. The show stars Kate Siegel as villager Erin Greene.


Nightbooks: In this dark take on One Thousand and One Nights, a young white boy is imprisoned by a witch (Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter); she spares his life on the condition that he tells her a scary story every night. This arrangement can only last so long, so the boy teams up with the witch's servant to escape through a magical labyrinth before their master kills them both.

Sharkdog: This series follows a young white boy who discovers a mysterious creature, which is half shark and half dog. Knowing that adults would not understand the bond they share, the boy tries to keep his pet a secret, while also exploring the incredible possibilities that having a half-shark half-dog creature presents.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: This CG-animated children's cartoon is a remake of the original 1980s show, with all the yelling and violence one would expect. It follows a young white boy who transforms into the fabulously powerful He-Man upon wielding a magical sword.

Reality TV

Love on the Spectrum: The Australian reality television show is back for its second season. Each episode follows individuals on the autism spectrum who enter the world of dating. The show has received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The Circle: This American reality competition series explores themes of human interaction and social media while also being incredibly fun to watch. Contestants are isolated with their own apartments, and can only communicate to the other contestants via "The Circle", which turns their messages into text and allows them to try and win over their competitors. The most popular among them get to expel other contestants, eliminating other players one by one. The third season is hosted by Michelle Buteau.

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