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Michael Bay's COVID Thriller 'Songbird' Starring KJ Apa, Sofia Carson Lands Release Date

The dystopian pandemic movie we've been all waiting for...

The pandemic psychological thriller is a popular genre in the movie business with Contagion and World War Z but its newest addition just might hit too close to home. Songbird is a dystopian version of what we are living through right now.

Songbird stars KJ Apa, from Riverdale, as an immune courier, Nico, who falls for a young woman who is stuck in her apartment. Nico and Sara, played by Sofia Carson, have a socially distanced relationship where they FaceTime and talk through her apartment door.

This pandemic thriller also stars big names like Demi Moore, Bradley Whitford, Alexandra Daddario and Craig Robinson. It is produced by Michael Bay who also brought us The Purge and A Quiet Place.

Songbird is set and was filmed during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and was actually the first production to shoot on location in Los Angeles under the pandemic protocols. The film is set four years into the future and the world is still under strict lockdown because "COVID-23" has mutated.

Sara and Nico are in Los Angeles, which is under a strict curfew and temperature checks. If the citizens are found to have a fever or presumed to be sick they are taken from their homes and placed in quarantine camps known as Q-Zones. In the trailer, we see that Sara naively allows her neighbor to evade going to the quarantine camps by allowing the neighbor into her apartment. The trailer also shows the neighbor falling ill and Sara trying to help while wearing a bandana as a mask.

Will Sara end up at the Q-Zones? You can find out on December 11th when Songbird hits premium video on-demand because of course it will not be playing in theaters. Because nothing says watching a pandemic thriller about worldwide lockdowns better than watching it from the comfort of your own home that you have been trapped in since March.

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