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Danica McKellar Kicks Off The Holiday Season With New Hallmark Channel Movie

Danica McKellar Kicks Off The Holiday Season With New Hallmark Channel Movie | Celebrity Page

Halloween may be just around the corner, but so is the holiday season! In fact, Hallmark Channel is kicking things off with first Christmas movie of the season.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... thanks to Hallmark and Danica McKellar!

You, Me, and the Christmas Trees features Danica as Olivia Arden, an arborist who gets called to a small town to figure out why one farmer's Christmas trees are dying.

During her visit, Olivia ends up falling for the farmer she originally came to help and the two must work together to fix the problem before the town's tree-lighting celebration.

"I get to play a tree scientist! I've never gotten to play a scientist in a Hallmark movie before and I love math and science, I write math books, I have a degree in mathematics, and it was so much fun for me to really dig in and do all the research and really learn about evergreen trees," McKellar said.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Hallmark Christmas movie without some romance.

"I can't, like, go home because I have to know what's going on with these trees. I have to solve it and then in the midst of that, perhaps, there's some chemistry between me and Jack," McKellar said.

Adding to her excitement about the project, McKellar was also able to reunite with one of her old co-stars. Throwing it all the way back to their Wonder Years days, Jason Hervey joined McKellar as part of the cast of the film. Hervey plays a rival Christmas tree farmer who creates some tension within the town.

"It was so much fun to work together again. He and I had not worked together since the 'Wonder Years.' 30 years, it's just mind-blowing. It's such a cool, bizarre, deja vu moment. Every time they said action he was just there, like, this is crazy, it's really special," McKellar said.

McKellar also shared how special it was for her to star in Hallmark's first holiday film of the season.

"I'm really excited that we are kicking off the entire Countdown to Christmas event. It's the 12th annual and I think that Christmas can't come soon enough this year."

You, Me and the Christmas Trees premieres Friday, October 22nd on Hallmark Channel.

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