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Soap Opera Digest's Editorial Director Stephanie Sloane is sharing the latest in daytime news.

Sloane shared how General Hospital star Cameron Mathison got his gig on the soap opera. Apparently, when his hosting gig on the hallmark show Home and Family was coming to an end in 2021, he reached out to General Hospital's executive producer Frank Valentini to see if there was any room for him on the cast.

According to Sloane, the star is "so thrilled to be part of GH, a show he has always held in high regard."

As for what's to come on our favorite daytime shows: Jake and Gabby will split up on Days of Our Lives. On Bold and The Beautiful, Sheila will come clean to Thomas. Jocelyn and Cameron's sex tape goes public on General Hospital, and Jack makes a shocking discovery on The Young and The Restless.

Bold and The Beautiful's original cast member John McCook says that he thought he would last five years at worst and ten years at best. He is about to mark the 35th anniversary of the soap.

Amelia Heinle thought she would last a year on The Young and The Restless, and 17 years later, she's still on the front burner of the show. Her co-star Kate Linder was hired for a one-day role, and 40 years later, is still on The Young and The Restless.

For more stories like these, check out the newest issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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