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13 Taylor Swift Songs We Can't Wait to Hear Re-Recorded

13 Taylor Swift Songs We Can't Wait to Hear Re-Recorded

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is beginning again, and we are here for it.

We know the infamous Taylor Swift-Scooter Braun ownership saga all too well. The deal made at the beginning of Swift's career held everything from her first self-titled album to her 6th studio album, Reputation, from her. Here's to Taylor reclaiming her work and beginning again.

Ever since Taylor started this journey and released her re-recorded song Love Story from her 2008 album Fearless, we haven't been able to stop thinking about which songs we can't wait to hear next from her re-recordings. Check out the list below for the songs we're excited to listen to in a storm in our best dress, fearless.

Our Song

Even if you're not a Taylor fan, you probably know one of Taylor's breakout songs from her first studio album, Our Song. Its a youthful, twangy country tune, and we can't wait to see how Taylor makes Our Songher song again.

You Belong With Me

There will be no better feeling than listening to the new version of You Belong With Me in our rooms on a typical Tuesday night. We love this unrequited love tune.


This song is the best thing that's ever been mine ours. It is an anthem, and we are looking forward to hearing Taylor belt this one out in her re-recorded version.

Sparks Fly

Drop everything now and just think of how incredible this song will sound with Taylor's updated vocals incorporated. Sparks are already flying.


We were so enchanted to meet this song for the first time, and we can only imagine what it will be like to meet it again. Can you hear the Folklorian undertones flooding into this tune already?


It has been a treacherous path for Taylor to get where she is today, but nothing safe is worth the drive. Imagine what this song will sound like knowing all of the obstacles she has overcome at this point in her life.

All Too Well

Ahh, the song that unites swifties and non-swifties alike. All Too Well is debatably the breakup anthem of Taylor Swift's musical career. We might almost run a red if we listen to this song in the car, full disclosure.

Everything Has Changed

Ever since this song came out back in 2012, everything has changed for Swift. Except, of course, her friendship with Ed Sheeran. Fingers crossed that he'll make an appearance on the next track.


This song could never go out of style in our book, so the new version will sound just as good as it once did. Not to mention it's allegedly about the short-lived relationship between a one Harry Styles and Taylor herself.

Wildest Dreams

A wildly underrated song, Wildest Dreams joins the list of songs we can't wait to hear Taylor Swift sing to us again. Her voice will be a familiar sound when it makes it onto this track for a second time.


We simply could not make this list without including Delicate, in which she gushes about her beau Joe Alwyn, singing "you must like me for me".

Getaway Car

Don't pretend it's such a mystery that this song is going to be a euphoric experience to listen to again.

King of My heart

And finally, the one we will be waiting for - patiently - King of My Heart.

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