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Is Taylor Swift Releasing A Third Sister Album on Friday? Here's Why Fans Think So

Is Taylor Swift Releasing A Third Sister Album on Friday? Here's Why Fans Think So

Taylor Swift

Today, we're breaking down some of Swifties' most convincing arguments for as to why @TaylorSwift13 *might* be releasing another album on Friday.

Swifties are reeling about circulating theories that speculate Taylor Swift could release a third sister album on Friday to coincide with previous albums Folklore and Evermore. Today, we're breaking down these theories so you can decide for yourself.

First, let's look at how the idea of a third album even popped into fans' heads.

Upon the release of Taylor's eighth studio album Folklore, fans found a hidden word on the "Hide-and-Seek" cover art: "Woodvale."

Folklore Hide-and-Seek coverart


You can see "Woodvale" in white text at the top right corner of the cover.

Fans on Reddit theorized what this could mean for months, but the theory that it was a third album did not come until after Evermore's release in December.

So, why April 30? In an official lyric video for "cowboy like me," the 11th track of Evermore, there is a clock found in the frame. The clock sits on top of exactly three books and is stuck on the time 4:30.

Taylor Swift Vevo


Taylor Swift Vevo


Well here's where it gets good: Evermore was released 140 days after Folklore, and April 30 would be exactly 140 days after the release of Evermore (and it's also a Friday).

Many Swifties think if a supposed third album is coming, it would be coming on this day.

While this is pretty convincing in itself, it doesn't stop here. Let's look to Ms. Swift's recent behavior on social medias. Fans have pointed out she keeps using everything in threes in recent tweets and captions.

Taylor Swift on Twitter

Three angel emojis.



So yeah, a lot of things in threes.

Also to be noted- the times some of these tweets were made. Repeating 3's, 1, 2, 3; 3, 2, 1?! Of course these things could be coincidences, but does Ms. Swift really do coincidences?

Something else that comes in threes is Taylor's merch. All throughout the Folklore and Evermore eras, many items came in three different colors. Even the cardigans, famous after Folklore's second track cardigan, came in three colors instead of just two.

In many instances, the third color that doesn't coincide with an album aesthetic is blue. This also caused many fans to believe the third album is water-themed, as the other two album were woodsy/mountainous themed.

Taylor Swift Merch


Taylor has even been wearing a lot of blue recently, exhibited in this video posted from about a week ago.

Taylor Swift: "That's When" ft. Keith Urban | Apple Music

So, why isn't everyone fully convinced? There are some downsides to the arguments. First, when Taylor was asked about the Woodvale fan theories in a Jimmy Kimmel interview following the release of Evermore, she somewhat denied these claims.

Taylor explained the "woodvale" featured on some of the Folklore cover art was a codename for Folklore at the time, as she was nervous to unveil the name of the album to even some of her closest teammates. Her team was playing around with placing the title on the cover art, and it was accidentally left there.

She also tells Kimmel in the same interview:

"Jimmy, I'm so tired, I'm so exhausted… I have nothing left!"

Taylor Swift on Turning 31, New Album, Fan Theories, Documentary & Boyfriend’s Pseudonym

Many fans also reasonably believe that because Taylor has moved into releasing her re-recordings, that continuing the previous era would not make sense.

Well, are you convinced? Whether there is a third sister album or not, this still definitely proves one thing: Swifties sure are extremely creative and could probably solve some serious crimes if given the chance.

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