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Reality TV Gets Heated With 'Too Hot To Handle' & 'Selling The Hamptons'

Reality TV Gets Heated With 'Too Hot To Handle' & 'Selling The Hamptons' | Celebrity Page

It’s getting hot in here, but whatever you do... don’t take off your clothes!

The Netflix hit show, Too Hot To Handle, has returned for a fiery third season!

Desiree Burch returns as the hilarious narrator of the steamy show.

"It's nice to remember that no matter how hot you are... you can not escape suffering in this lifetime. I think the Buddha said that," Burch said.

The singles are sexier and the stakes are even higher, with a $200,000 cash prize.

Jazlyn Holloway, one of this season’s contestants, teased the dynamic of the provocative singles.

“It just makes it more spicy, because everyone’s different. Everyone has like their own perspective for what they want out of it, so it really made it interesting," Holloway said.

Too Hot To Handle is streaming now on Netflix.

Speaking of hot reality shows, Selling the Hamptons is the latest series for the perfect amount of real estate escapism.

Home to stars like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Howard Stern, the Hamptons has solidified itself as one of the nicest markets in the country.

“'Selling the Hamptons' is a brand new show that follows six amazingly hungry agents that are selling one of the hottest markets at their time," Peggy Zabakolas said.
“[I’m] excited that we can show a sneak peak of the Hamptons and how we get those listings and sell those million dollar homes. I'm so excited for the world to see a little bit of that in this show," Kenny Arias said.

Selling the Hamptons is streaming now on Discovery+.

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