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Cody & Brandi Rhodes Tease New Reality Show 'Rhodes To The Top'

Cody & Brandi Rhodes Tease New Reality Show 'Rhodes To The Top'

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Wrestler Cody Rhodes stars in the new reality TV show called Rhodes To The Top, which explores the private lives of Cody and his wife, Brandi.

For years, fans have been watching Cody's journey in the wrestling ring. But now, he and his wife are ready to open up their private lives in this brand new reality TV show, Rhodes To The Top.

Cody shared how unique it is for a wrestler to take part in this type of show:

"The access that the show has been given to behind the scenes is really unprecedented. It was so taboo for like an old school wrestler type like myself but I didn't need much convincing."

But the show's not only focused on Cody's career. It also delves into the couple's dynamics as they navigate the incredibly difficult job of parenthood. Brandi shared what fans can expect to see from her:

"From me they're probably gonna see a meltdown or two because I'm very pregnant and I'm not the best when things go wrong not pregnant, so when they go terribly wrong while I was pregnant it was just complete chaos and madness."

The show will also look into Cody's wild lifestyle and how the Rhodes' family navigate challenges that come their way. Cody also talked about the "ego maniac" label he got from his wife in the trailer for the series:

"Everything changed when (our daughter) Liberty was born. The ego maniac line that has made it into that trailer is my wife calling me that which stings a little, but all good wrestlers have a little bit of an ego and hopefully people watching this will see we're not by any means the worst of egomaniacs when it comes to AEW."

Brandi then added that fans may discover things about their personalities they hadn't known before:

"I think it's going to be a little bit of a departure for them, a fun departure hopefully, of what they think they know about us and what we really are like."

Rhodes To The Top premieres Wednesday September 29th on TNT.

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