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The Breakfast Club Met for Detention 37 Years Ago

The Breakfast Club Met for Detention 37 Years Ago

The Breakfast Club

Happy Breakfast Club Day! Today we're celebrating the detention's anniversary and one of the most iconic movies of all time. Read more here:

March 24th is the infamous day when The Breakfast Clubwas formed during their Saturday detention. To celebrate this anniversary, we are taking a look back at the iconic movie to learn more about the filming and reminisce on its legacy.

John Hughes' 1985 classic The Breakfast Club is still one of the most memorable movies of today. The film starred Anthony Michael Hall, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, and Judd Nelson.

Here's some stuff about the film you may have not known.

Filming Location

Filming Location for The Breakfast Club


The film was shot at Maine North High School in Illinois. The high school actually had closed in 1981, making it wide open for filming the movie in 1984. The set of the library was actually constructed in the school's gym because the real library was too small. Allegedly, the cast and crew all took breaks and ate lunch together in the cafeteria upon John Hughes' insistence.

But what makes the movie so timeless and iconic? There's plenty of important themes and facts that make audiences even more appreciative of the movie.

The Improvised Scene

This honest, gut-wrenching scene between the five characters sharing confessions was actually improvised between the actors. It makes the characters seem that much more vulnerable and connected during a scene that is all about sharing secrets and opening up to others.

Important Themes and Representation For Teenagers

Many have praised the movie for their honest depiction of teenagers, something that we don't find in media that often- even today. This is a huge reason why the movie is so impactful and timeless- it can be relatable to any generation of teenagers. American film critic James Berardinelli wrote in 1988:

"Few will argue that The Breakfast Club is a great film, but it has a candor that is unexpected and refreshing in a sea of too-often generic teen-themed films. The material is a little talky (albeit not in a way that will cause anyone to confuse it with something by Éric Rohmer), but it's hard not to be drawn into the world of these characters."

The main theme in the movie is the struggle of what it's like to be a teenager trying to be understood during their most formative years. The film explores the seemingly inescapable pressures of social constructs in high school. In media and real life, teenagers and their problems are often belittled and mocked. Instead, this movie celebrates them and is an honest portrayal of their issues, yet another reason why the movie is so loved by many.

A Very Nostalgic Soundtrack

Whether you lived through it or were not born until years later, something about an 80's movie with a good soundtrack is nostalgic for everybody. The soundtrack of The Breakfast Club contained songs from Wang Chung, Kieth Forsey, Karla DeVito and more. And how could anyone forget the ending scene of the movie, something made especially memorable by the Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me"?

Now to continue celebrating, you can dust off your DVD and watch the movie! Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club.

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