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Paul McCartney Releases New Album​

Paul McCartney Releases New Album​

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It's official!

Paul McCartney has released his 18th studio album, McCartney III.

The Beatles legend recently released his newest album, McCartney III, which features 15 new songs. The star announced the album in November. On The Tonight Show, McCartney discussed how it all came about.

He said:

"I just was in lockdown and I had some time on my hands, so I started finishing up songs and stuff, thinking this was just for my own fun."And then suddenly, I had like about 11 of them. it was like, 'Oh, this could probably be an album.' But the fact that I hadn't even considered the fact that I was doing it made it better, more fun."

The album includes a variety of laidback songs, like Winter Bird and Pretty Boys, each bringing us back to the '70s and '80s eras. McCartney also released a music video for his new song Find My Way.

Paul McCartney - Find My Way

Paul McCartney - Winter Bird / When Winter Comes (Lyric Video)

Paul McCartney - Pretty Boys (Lyric Video)

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