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Late Night Hosts Deliver Messages Ahead Of Election Results

Late Night Hosts Deliver Messages Ahead Of Election Results

Everyone's favorite late night hosts made their final pleads with fans on election eve, urging the audience to vote wisely and reinforcing that we're all in this together.

From hilarious commercials to sentimental memoirs, the hosts of late night shows made it their election eve mission to inspire and ease the citizens of America.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, held an entertaining election eve show with guests such as Anthony Anderson and Senator Elizabeth Warren and a musical performance from Big Boi and Sleepy Brown.

Fallon began his show with an analysis of the election thus far. This year has been one of the most stressful ones in history and so to relieve stress, he introduced his new, fake product, Fidgey Whatsy, a stress relief toy that will get you through anything.

Along with Fidgey Whatsy, Fallon analyzed Trump and his statements on the election. A quote from Axios that almost all of the late night hosts seemed to scrutinize states,

"Trump plans to declare premature victory if he appears 'ahead' on election night.'

Fallon concludes his segments with a hilarious montage of Trump's most interesting closing arguments.

Watch Fallon's Election Eve Segment Here:

On top of this segment, Fallon even interviewed Democratic primary candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who shares how she is feeling about the 2020 election.

Watch Fallon and Sen. Warren's Interview Here:

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Colbert began his election day segment with advice to citizens to stay calm, which soon escalated to anxieties over the high-tension election.

Along with his fellow late night hosts, Colbert believes in the counting of all mail-in ballots, despite the likings of our President. Colbert states,

"Democracy is not done until all votes are counted."

Like Fallon, Colbert took it upon himself to create a fake commercial advertising another stress coping mechanism, Drincodin. Drincodin is ensured to

"release you from time."

Watch Colbert's Election Eve Segment Here:

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night host Seth Meyers is known for his iconic segment, 'Closer Look,' where he analyzes our country's politics with a satirical tone.

Meyers also quotes Axios on Trump's premature victory declaration and discusses the Biden bus incident that occurred on November 2nd. Meyers mentions Trump's comment on the incident as well, where he seems blatantly unapologetic.

See Trump's Tweet Here:

Meyers and Trump have had an interesting relationship where Trump simply does not enjoy Meyer's Closer Look segment. Yet, Meyers continues the segment as it is an entertaining way for audiences to learn about what is happening in the country and to take it upon themselves to further look into political news.

Meyers has partnered with the foundation God's Love We Deliver on his most recent Closer Looks, in order to help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, Meyers' fans have raised $58,894 so far.

Watch Meyers' Closer Look Here:

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Forgot what's happened in the past 4 years? No need to worry, James Corden is here to remind you in 3 minutes.

Along with this summary of the term we have endured, Corden also discusses how he is losing his mind as we wait for the results of this election.

In his segment, Corden also includes clips of Trump at a rally where he hints that he may be firing Dr. Fauci. As the crowd in Florida was chanting, "Fire Fauci," Trump stated,

"Dont't tell anybody but let me wait until a little bit after the election."

Corden then goes on to analyze other Trump rallies and Trump's relationship with Lady Gaga where he once called her fantastic and is now calling her not that good as the news spread that she will be performing at Biden's final rally.

Watch Corden's Election Eve Segment Here:

In addition to these segment pieces, Corden also had an interview with Democratic primary candidate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and a performance by Travis.

These clips can be viewed on The Late Late Show's Youtube channel.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Last, but certainly not least is Jimmy Kimmel of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Probably the most heart wrenching of the bunch was Kimmel's wife, Molly's, homemade video for her endorsement of Joe Biden last week.

Molly McNearney made this video, based on her support of free healthcare for all, especially for those with pre-existing conditions.

As many Kimmel fans know, the Kimmels introduced their son, Billy, to the world three years ago. Almost moments after the birth of their son, a nurse noticed something off and their child was soon admitted to the NICU, where it was confirmed that Billy had Tetralogy of Fallot/VSD, or in other words, he was born with a pre-existing condition.

Molly quotes that,

"Right now our President is in court, suing to remove protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions."

She then goes on to quote,

"Families go broke trying to keep their loved ones alive. People die because they cannot afford to live."

She concludes with,

"Moms don't forget... Americans take care of one another. Vote with your heart."

Watch the Video Here:

On election eve, Kimmel drank with fellow personality, Guillermo. Along with the drinks, Kimmel also analyzed Trump's speeches and hilariously dissed many of his statements.

Watch Kimmel's Election Eve Segment Here:

As tensions rise in America, it is important that all voices be heard and accounted for.

We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe (and sane) this election!

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