Josh Duhamel Talks 'Shotgun Wedding', Working With Jennifer Lopez

In an interview with Jess Cagle on SiriusXM , actor Josh Duhamel talked about his new movie Shotgun Wedding, where he stars alongside the iconic Jennifer Lopez.

Josh took over Armie Hammer's role as Tom in Shotgun Wedding , and talked about taking on a role with such a stacked cast:

And she does that. And she was just amazing to work with. The whole cast was Cheech Marin's in the movie. Uh, who else, you know, um, you know, Jen Lopez, obviously, Lenny Kravitz was awesome to work with. He's about as sweet as they come, but yeah, Jennifer Coolidge is, is definitely one of those people that you are fascinated by. And I truly was fascinated by her.

Duhamel has also known Lopez for years, which helped him adapt to the quick turnaround time that came with reshooting a film:

And she, she comes with, she's got a lot of, you know, whatever that is that that comes with JLo, but I'll, I'll say this about her. She was always present, always collaborative, came with ideas, really wants to do a good job. And just like a total pro and a sweetheart, you know, she's, she, she is, she is a powerhouse, but she's also a very sweet girl. She is Jenny from The Block and lot of ways.

Jupiter's Legacy

This is a big time for Josh. In addition to a feature film, he's the star of the new Netflix series Jupiter's Legacy , which promises to grab massive viewing figures.

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