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Meg Myers on Spirituality in Music and Daily Life

The musician tells Advocate Now about her newest single, Sophia, which pays tribute to Iranian women.

Musician Meg Myers has always incorporated spirituality into her work. Now, she's sharing how people can incorporate it into their daily lives.

Myers created the genre "5D Rock," which she defines as a "messenger" that acts as "the bridge between the nonphysical realm and the physical realm."

Meg Meyers | Advocate Now

"My music has transformed because it started in me needing to express all of the pain that I was going through and all of the suffering that I was going through," Myers tells Sonia Baghdady of Advocate Now. "When I shine a light on darkness, there's liberation in that."

Myers' newest single, Sophia, pays tribute to Iranian women, who have united and risen up after the recent killings of protestors, and crackdowns on women's rights.

"It's a message of unity, and it's just a reminder too that there's always forgiveness and healing available to all of us," Myers explains. "Like, that's [where] I think a lot of the fear comes from — these places of trauma in ourselves and wounds. And and so we just keep going and going and going on this cycle, which is a cycle of like, you know, reincarnation, death, and rebirth; and then victimization and perpetrator. ... It'll continue going until we wake up and say 'no more' and stand up."

As for how people can become more self-aware and self-empowered, Myers says that time alone is key.

"Nature is so important and doing things where we slow down and become more present— that is where the magic is," she says, adding, "I think just taking more time to be with ourselves in and in solitude... Creating more safe spaces for us to disconnect from what's going on out there, actually allows us to understand better what's going on out there."

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