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'iCarly' Revival Shows Sneak Peek In New Trailer

'iCarly' Revival Shows Sneak Peek In New Trailer

The iCarly reboot trailer is out now! Check it out below.

5,4,3,2...its been nearly 10 years since the hit Nickelodeon series iCarly ended in 2012. Now, the showis back in both new and familiar fashion. Paramount Plus released a trailer of the upcoming reboot on Tuesday, hinting audiences of what's to come in the new show.

Here's What We Know

In the upcoming revival of iCarly, fans will see many familiar faces from the program's past including brother and sister, Carly and Spencer Shae, as well as cameraman Freddie Benson played by Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress, all returning to their roles nearly a decade later. Notably, off the camera and absent from Carly's post is the character's unforgettable best friend, Sam Puckett, previously played by Jennette McCurdy who will not be participating in the revival.

Carly's New Bestfriend

However, the trailer assures audiences that the role of a side-kick, bestfriend for Carly does not go vacant. The reboot features Carly's new best friend and roommate named Harper, played by Laci Mosley.

Even a more astonishing giveaway of the trailer is the new write that Freddie now has a step-daughter, Millicent, played by Jaiden Triplett, who previously acted in ABC's Blackish, and Netflix's Family Reunion.

A Quest For Love

Aside from the introduction of new character's, the trailer also teases new plotlines for the upcoming reboot. One of which, is Carly's journey, with the help of Harper, to become, as she dictates, "an effortless trailblazer," as Freddie navigates the ins and outs of raising a child. What might interest fans the most of what's to come is the trailer tease that Carly and Freddie throw themselves into the dating world and onto a quest for love.

The revival series premiers on June 17th on Paramount Plus.

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