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Cole Hauser & Hallie Todd Give An Inside Look On New Sports Film 'The Last Champion'

Cole Hauser & Hallie Todd Give An Inside Look On New Sports Film 'The Last Champion'

Cole Hauser sat down with Advocate Channel to discuss his starring role in Glenn Withrow's 'The Last Champion' as a former Olympian facing his demons and getting his life on track.

The Last Champion is an uplifting and motivational film audiences are sure to be able to watch with their families, and the star of the film, Cole Hauser, confirms this message.

In The Last Champion, Cole Hauser portrays John Wright, a disgraced former Olympic wrestler who uses his experiences to coach his hometown's high school wrestling team.

Hauser speaks about his character's internal dilemmas,

"He needs to deal with it and he needs to kind of right all the wrong and come out and it takes him a while to be able to do that and be able to talk about it."

Becoming a Mentor

In the film, John Wright takes in a sort of apprentice, high school wrestler Michael Miller played by Sean H. Scully. Hauser discusses the two's relationship stating how his character,

"meets this wonderful young man who kind of reminds him of himself as a teen and teaches him not only physically how to wrestle, but also mentally."

Co-Star, Co-Writer, and Producer Hallie Todd

Hallie Todd, widely known for her role as Jo McGuire in Lizzie McGuire (2001-2004) co-stars alongside Hauser, while also being a co-writer and producer of the film.

Todd speaks highly of Hauser stating,

"Cole Hauser just is such a phenomenal actor and he just makes this movie and he makes John Wright so real and so authentic."

Hauser states how he is grateful to this role and also his role as Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone (2018-present) for keeping him in work during these unprecedented times. He states,

"It's been one of my most successful years as an actor and I feel very fortunate and I know there's a lot of people that are out of work."

Watch Trailer of 'The Last Champion' Here:

Cole Hauser's Roster

If Hauser looks familiar to you, it's probably because he has an outstanding lineup of film and shows under his belt.

Hauser was first recognized as Billy, the witty pal of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting (1997). Currently, Hauser plays Rip Wheeler in Paramount's Yellowstone.

In his interview with Advocate Channel, Hauser shares that he has been very focused on finishing season four of the series and fans are boasting with excitement.

Season 4 of Yellowstone will arrive in June 2021 on Paramount Network.

The Last Champion is available for purchase on Digital, Apple TV, Prime Video, and Google Play.

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