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Tom Holland Tops The Box Office Yet Again with Latest Film

Tom Holland Tops The Box Office Yet Again with Latest Film

Tom Holland's latest film Uncharted topped the box office this weekend following its release.

The Sony video-game adaptation brought in $44.1 million between Friday and Sunday, during its first weekend in theaters.

The film was thought to be a true test of the Spider-Man star's marketability outside of the superhero franchise. It would appear the 25 year-old actor had no problem passing and exceeding expectations.

While the reviews of Uncharted have been extremely mixed, it's clear that Holland played a large role in the success of the film so far in getting fans to the theater opening weekend.

Uncharted is expected to earn $52 million from North American theaters through President’s Day.

The film, directed by Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer, also stars acting vets Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas, and Bryan Cranston.

While the action-adventure movie is off to a promising start, the road to profit may not be so easy. With a hefty budget of $120 million, international ticket sales will prove pivotal to this end.

Fortunately, the film has acquired a March 14th release date in China, the top film market in the world. However, with a delayed release date, piracy could have a potential impact on box office sales.

“This is an excellent opening,” said David A. Gross, owner of the movie consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research. “Action adventures based on video games are big movies and this weekend’s figure is nearly double the average for the genre… Budgets run high, so ‘Uncharted’ needs to connect in every market. So far, it is doing that.”

Uncharted has generated $139 million domestically and internationally to date.

Tom Holland is now the lead in two of the top three box office films in North America with Spider-Man: No Way Home now dropping to the No. 3 spot. The film, which debuted in theaters in December, has steadily remained in the top 5 on the domestic box office charts ever since. It has brought in a whopping $771.74 million to date in North America, making it the third-highest domestic grossing film in history.

Catch Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in Uncharted in theaters now.

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