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Tom Holland talks 'Uncharted' Stunts on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

Coming off a $44.1 million box office opening for his film Uncharted, Tom Holland returned to Late Night With Seth Meyers to discuss the project and working with co-star Mark Wahlberg.

Holland was last seen on the Seth Meyers show back in December, where he would talk about his charity called Brothers Trust, watching The Masters in person and how meeting athletes blew his mind more than meeting actors. This time around, he expressed how the press tours got tiring for his other movie Spider-Man: No Way Home but was always glad to converse about Uncharted.

Holland told Meyers that someone had bumped into him at a bar to ask him what the movie was about and he replied,

"It's a movie that ticks all the boxes. It's funny, it's exciting."

Meyers continued the interview by asking Holland if he wanted this role because he it was similar to James Bond. The 25-year-old admitted he loved watching Daniel Craig as James Bond in the movies.

Holland added this about working with Wahlberg:

"You can tease Mark, but he's also quite a scary guy. I have a security guard whose one of my best mates but I only tease Mark when Jack's around."

Holland shared that he loved the Indiana Jones movies, growing up, which might have inspired his own stint in doing stunts.

He said,

"I was actually on set on Spider-Man pitching the movie to Zendaya. I was going through the film scene by scene, and I told her, 'Oh, there's this great bit where I get hit by a car out of a plane.' And she's like, 'I have to stop you there. What on Earth is this movie about?'"

Check out Uncharted in theaters now.

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