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RECAP: 'The Masked Dancer' Premieres On FOX

RECAP: 'The Masked Dancer' Premieres On FOX

Missed the first episode of 'The Masked Dancer'? We've got you covered as we recap last night's big premiere

Move over Dancing with the Stars, FOX has a new dance competition series that premiered last night called The Masked Dancer.

Inspired by a segment on the Ellen DeGeneres show comes The Masked Dancer. The dance competition is the same concept of The Masked Singer, but instead of singing, the contestants are dancing. Hosted by actor and comedian Craig Robinson the series has major judges lined up including superstar Paula Abdul, High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale, 90210 star Brian Austin Green, and comedian and judge on The Masked Singer Ken Jeong.

Hammerhead Performs To "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)"

Hammerhead kicked off the show performing to "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" by the Backstreet Boys. One of the clues featured in his package included a burger, grated carrots and alphabet soup that spelled the word "TALK" and also featured a coffee cup with the word "JOE". One of Paula Abdul's many guesses was Joe Jonas.

Tulip Performs To "Fergalicious" 

Tulip was up next dancing to "Fergalicious" by Fergie. In the clue package there were many "11"s and included a Tik Tok symbol popping up and referenced Glee Club. Ken Jeong guessed this had to be star of Glee's Heather Morris.

Cricket Performs To "Jump (For My Love)" 

Cricket performed To "Jump (For My Love)" by The Pointer Sisters. In his the clue package it was all Las Vegas themed and included a nod to the series 90210. Brian Austin Green guested this had to be his former costar Ian Ziering.

Disco Ball Performs to "Uptown Funk" 

Disco danced to "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars this dancer's clue package featured a bone with the letter "J", a glass of iced tea, and told the judges he won a Grammy. Ashley Tisdale believed he was an older star and guessed MC Hammer given the fact he has won a Grammy and that clue package featured a gavel.

Exotic Bird Performs to "Con Calma"

Exotic Bird performed to 'Con Calma' by Daddy Yankee featuring Snow. In her clue package she had athletic and cooking references. Brian Austin Green's guesses were Marion Jones or Hope Solo.

Take It Off!

Who appears to be under the disco ball mask? No other than the star of Law and Order: SVU and rapper Ice-T! It was a star the judges did not see coming and neither did we. Be sure to catch the new episode of The Masked Dancer on January 6.

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