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He always knows how to make us laugh! Celebrated actor and comedian, Ken Jeong, is using his platform for entertainment and to raise awareness.

Ken Jeong is known in the Hollywood industry for appearing in smash films such as Crazy Rich Asians, The Hangover series, Furry Vengeance, Tom and Jerry and more.

As a panelist and host on hit reality competition shows such as The Masked Singer and The Masked Dancer, Jeong continues to dominate the big and small screen with his funny and honest persona.

"I'm having so much fun, and I'm so beyond blessed right now. I've had a career that has surpassed my own dreams and expectations. The public sees me having fun. I'm having a good time, and you can't fake having fun. I think that's what life is all about... doing what you love and having a job where you can just have a laugh every day. Nothing beats that," Jeong said.

Apart from his star-studded entertainment career, Jeong is also a trained physician. With his large platform, the star is encouraging people to get eye checks and prioritize their eye health.

"During the pandemic, we've all had a lot of increased screen time, like you have more Zoom calls and more FaceTime with family and friends. All those can exacerbate symptoms of dry eye disease."

Since July is Dry Eye Awareness Month, Jeong has partnered with pharmaceutical company, Novartis, to inspire others to get checked. As someone who's experienced dry eye himself, the comedian wants to help people notice the signs early.

"I've partnered up with Novartis, makers of Xiidra, to encourage people to talk to their eye doctor and see if Xiidra is right for them."

You can catch Jeong on episodes of The Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice on FOX and Hulu.

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