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The hit BET show has plenty more in store!

'Sistas' Brings All The Drama In Mid-Season Premiere 📺

The ladies are turning heads and bringing the drama as Sistas returns to BET!

Ebony Obsidian and DeVale Ellis spoke with Ricky Cornish all about the latest episodes and what's in store for fans of the series.

"This midseason could honestly be a finale. You're going to see a lot of decisions, a lot of choices being solidified, or some cases where options [disappear]," Obsidian said.

With so many people struggle with solitude in this pandemic, the cast hoping to spread some love to the fans.

"I'm hoping fans will take away that you have choices to make in your life, but ultimately you have agency over the decisions you make," Ellis said.

"We've been getting so many messages of people saying like,
'Thank you for being a bit of a refuge. Thank you for being a bit of a distraction. Thank you for giving me a break.'
It's a good mental break for a lot of people and I think it's definitely a good mental break for us, now going into the third season," Obsidian said.

You can catch Tyler Perry's Sistas Wednesday nights on BET.

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