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The 10 Things We're Watching This Pride Month

The 10 Things We're Watching This Pride Month
Heartstopper | Official Trailer | Netflix

With June Dedicated To LGBTQ+ Pride Here's A Fun Watchlist

Whether you're queer or an ally. Going to a Pride Parade or still practicing social distancing. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Pride Month this June and that includes watching some brand new queer content coming to a streaming service or movie theater near you.

Ms. Marvel - Disney+ (Starting June 8th)

Marvel's newest streaming series is breaking barriers in many ways. It is centered around a young, Muslim woman from a southeast Asian background. And while it is not a queer-centered storyline, there is some representation to celebrate including Ms. Marvel's guidance counselor played by gay comedian Jordan Firstman. I've been lucky enough to see the first two episodes and they are a lot of fun with all the big-budget quality we've come to expect from Marvel.

Queer As Folk - Peacock (Starting June 9th)

I have to admit I was a huge fan of the American/Showtime version of Queer as Folk starring Hal Sparks, Sharon Gless, Gale Harold and the whole gang in Baltimore. So, I am a little skeptical about yet another reboot. And since Peacock has not shared any screeners with me, I can only say I'm cautiously optimistic to watch this new version. With the show moving to New Orleans and introducing an entirely new cast, the only thing that looks familiar in the trailer is the iconic nightclub Babylon. Here's hoping this series is as good as its predecessors.

P-Valley on Starz

Speaking of nightclubs, the crew at The Pynk is back for a new season. Just in time for Pride Month Starz is rolling out brand new episodes of its acclaimed series P-Valley.

Three Months on Paramount+

Troye Sivan isn't just a superstar singer he's also an actor! His newest movie, Three Months is as fun and sweet as it is important. Troye plays a young gay man who has an HIV scare and has to wait three months to get his test results. During that time he falls in love, makes important decisions about his future and interacts with the stellar cast that includes Oscar-winners Ellen Burstyn and Louis Gossett Jr. and the always wonderful Judy Greer. Troye is so adorably likeable in this film and does really well balancing the scariness of the health situation with the drama of being a teenager and the fun of finding your first real crush.

Trevor: The Musical - Disney+ (Starting June 24th)

The Trevor Project is an organization dedicated to saving the lives of LGBTQ+ people. Now the group's namesake (Trevor Nelson) is having his story told in a musical production! If you weren't lucky enough to get to New York to see the off-broadway version, now Disney+ is bringing it to our homes! Just in time for Pride Month, stream it and sing-along starting June 24th.

Hacks on HBO Max

I confess I was a little late to the Hacks party during season one. I kind of heard about this show about a Joan Rivers-type, Vegas comedienne starring the great Jean Smart. But, for whatever reason, it just didn't appeal to me right away. But, after it was nominated for 15 Emmy awards, I finally decided to check it out. And OMG what a fool I was to wait! It was laugh out loud funny, brilliantly acted and poignant beyond my wildest imagination.

Jean Smart is brilliant, Hannah Einbinder is perfection. And the supporting cast that includes Carl Clemons-Hopkins, Paul W. Downs, Megan Stalter and Kaitlin Olson is fantastic!

I was not going to repeat the same mistake with season two, so I binged it as quickly as HBO Max would allow. And somehow it is even better than season one. The relationship between Jean and Hannah's characters gets even deeper and more meaningful. And the queer representation is unprecedented. As co-star Mark Indelicato told Advocate Channel, they are actually the majority!

Come for Deborah and Ava's relationship. Stay for the virtual trip to Vegas and enjoy every moment of these three-dimensional characters. Hacks is a hit!

Firebird - Available On Demand

Firebird is based on the true story of former Soviet soldier Sergey Fetisov. It is a story of forbidden love between two men who were not allowed to be their true selves, because it was illegal at the time under Soviet law. Not that much has changed in Putin's "modern" Russia.

Tom Prior both stars in the film as Sergey and co-writes the screenplay. The movie is beautifully epic in its scale and production. And leading men Prior and Oleg Zagorodnii are as powerful in their performances as they are beautiful to look at.

This isn't just an important film, it's also engaging and moving and definitely worth a watch this month.

Love, Victor - Hulu (Starting June 15th)

The good news is that Victor and the gang are back for a third season starting June 15th. The sad news is that this is the final season for the sweet show.

These new episodes are great. I binged them in a day and if you love the series, you will too. Thankfully for fans, we don't have to wait long to get an answer to the season 2 cliffhanger. We find out who's doorbell Victor was ringing right away.

And while season three has its challenges (primarily the emotional rollercoaster that is Benji) it wraps up the series perfectly, letting us know where each of our favorite characters is heading in life.

I am so grateful Hulu made this series. I was crazy about the film Love, Simon and wished we could keep living in that world. Thanks to Victor, we got too! The series beautifully honored the original movie (with appearances by Nick Robinson, Keiynan Lonsdale and even Josh Duhamel) while also creating its own poignant, sweet and sexy world.

I'm sad to see it end, but so happy we got to meet the wonderful Michael Cimino and the whole cast.

If you haven't watched the scene where Victor comes out to his bestie (played perfectly by Anthony Turpel), do yourself a favor and stream it today!

Fire Island on Hulu

How much did I love this movie? I watched it early Friday morning as soon as it dropped on Hulu.

It is fantastic!

But the headline really should be: "Joel Kim Booster; A Star Is Born!"

Yes, fans of Big Mouth and Sunnyside already know him, but this is a star-making performance I truly hope earns him an Oscar-nomination for his screenplay.

You read that right, Joel not only stars in the film, he also wrote it! And while I know it is based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, I am so annoyed with recent articles and reviews that give more shoutouts to Jane than to Joel.

He is perfection in this film (and not just his physique). He is funny, sweet and sincerely stubborn. I can not wait to see what he does next in his career.

But he's not the only one giving a star-making performance. So is SNL's brilliant Bowen Yang. This movie allows us to see the full-spectrum of what Bowen can do outside of sketch comedy on a Saturday night.

He is just great, as is Margaret Cho, Conrad Ricamora and the entire cast.

It is sweet, funny, sexy and just the perfect way to celebrate Pride Month!

Heartstopper on Netflix

If you haven't heard of or seen Heartstopper yet...where have you been?!

This series is such a gift! It's set in England in a high school with a group of young people, all trying to figure out who they are.

Our central characters are Charlie and Nick. Charlie is out, Nick is not. In fact Nick doesn't really know who or what he is, other than a rugby jock.

Also populating their world is their sweet group of friends. Some of whom are queer, some who are straight. All are the kind of friends you wish you had growing up.

Based on the graphic novel by Alice Oseman, this is one of the most wonderful shows Netflix or anyone has ever offered.

Joe Locke and Kit Connor are perfect in the starring roles (and keep an eye out for Kit's royal mother who is quite a surprising co-star).

I was thrilled to see that Netflix has renewed the show for two more seasons. The new episodes can't arrive soon enough!

Happy Pride!

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