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'Mare Of Easttown' & 'Cruel Summer' Brings The Thrill On Hot Debuts

Need some action in your life? Mare Of Easttown and Cruel Summer are the two new shows to add to your watch list!

'Mare of Easttown' On HBO Max 🔎

Academy-Award winner, Kate Winslet, stars in this HBO Max limited series, Mare of Easttown.

Winslet plays a detective on the hunt for a killer in a small town, and co-star Mackenzie Lansing has a sneak peek as to what audiences can expect.

"Mare Sheehan is investigating a murder in this very close-knit small community, where they all know each other, and it also looks into past trauma and how that affects our present," Lansing said.

Lansing also stars alongside Jean Smart and Guy Pearce, so the rising star gushed on her experience working with her talented ensemble cast.

"Kate Winslet takes her role as not only the lead, but producer, very seriously and she has this sort of mentoring energy on set. She did that for a lot of the young actors, so it was really amazing!"

Mare of Easttown premieres April 18th on HBO Max.

'Cruel Summer' On Freeform ☀️

Another story filled with mystery is Freeform's new series, Cruel Summer.

The popular girl in town, portrayed by Olivia Holt, suddenly vanishes as the town encounters a national scandal.

"It's a psychological thriller. It takes place in the 90s and it is a very unique way of storytelling from the perspectives of two different teenage girls. Figure out who's the victim, who's the villain, and come up with lots of theories, it's gonna be fun," Holt said.

Chiara Aurelia also alludes that the show is a roller coaster that'll keep the audience engaged until the very end.

"There's a lot of twists and turns and every time you think you've gotten something a little bit figured out, they come in with a new twist. It'll keep you on the edge of your seat, that's for sure," Aurelia said.

Cruel Summer premieres April 20th on Freeform.

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