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Kim Kardashian Says Kanye's Instagram Posts Cause 'Emotional Distress'

Kim Kardashian Says Kanye's Instagram Posts Cause 'Emotional Distress'

Kim Kardashian has had to beg for a judge to sign off on her divorce with Kanye West.

After the rapper's most recent objections, the Kimye case has been further tied up. The past month has seen the two feud, not just privately in the courts, but openly on social media.

West has been vocal in his opposition to Kardashian letting their eight year old daughter run her own TikTok account, and has even accused her of kidnapping their four year old daughter, when he was not given directions to her birthday party. Kardashian has since tried to expedite their divorce, claiming to a judge,

“I very much desire to be divorced. Kanye has been putting a lot of misinformation regarding our private matters and co-parenting on social media, which has created emotional distress."

West has also targeted Kardashian's new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, with diss verses in some of his songs. Kardashian’s attorney believes West has ulterior motives in doing this, stating,

“Clearly Mr. West’s goal here is to prevent or make it difficult for Ms. Kardashian to remarry.”

Kardashian has hired three attorneys in her divorce from West, who has attempted to block the proceedings at every turn. Though he requested financial compensation, Kardashian confirmed that per their prenuptial agreement, she will not be transferring any assets out of her trusts. Court documents cite her as saying,

“While I wish our marriage would have succeeded, I have come to the realization that there is no way to repair our marriage. Kanye does not agree, but at least it appears that he has come to the realization that I want to end our marriage, even if he does not.”

Kardashian wishes for the divorce to be settled as quickly as possible so that her “family can begin the healing process and move forward in this new chapter in our lives.”

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